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My husband was diagnosed with asthma after serving in the gulf war on board a warship in 2002. He had never suffered from it before and it seemed to be a result of this time away. After slipping through the net for years he was completing training at HMS Collingwood when he was sent to an MBoS and made P3 and was told that he would stay this way until his Tx date Dec 2018.
He has just had a letter recalling him to a new MBoS and is now concerned that a medical discharge is under way and feels that he is about to be an unwilling casulty of the defense cuts.
He has completed his HND in Engineering (POET) with flying colours, is in date and passed all fitness tests first time and has completed PLOC (SRCC) would this be taken into consideration when attending the next board. I know he doesnt want to be medically discharged as he carried out his role for years before being made P3. However if he is faced with discharge does he right of appeal and can his latent developement of asthma be classed as occupational?
Please can anyone advise me if you have found yourself in a similar position or have any information that would help.
Not sure in honesty anyone will be able to give you a truely expert answer to this. For sure the Navy is having to lose people (5000 in the next 4 years). As to whether this will be your husband, who knows. One of our medical experts may be able to give you a better guess on whether he's likely to be discharged due to Med Cat.

Best of luck and hopefully he'll get what he wants out of the service.

Kind regards

Having seen a mate have his career shafted on the say so of a single Dr, and subsequently saved another Dr, I would suggest that he makes friends with his PMO and gets him to fight his corner. I doubt AngryDoc will be able to say much, as at the end of the day it comes down to the MBoS' opinions, decisions and judgement of "risk".

If he does get booted outside, take it straight to a lawyer; we can't fire people who we've previously employed in a reduced medcat, solely because to make redundancies. This of course presumes his condition has not worsened in the period since his original MBoS or there was a review date originally programmed in. The Army tried this during the last round of redundancies and got their arse kicked for it; look over on Arrse for more details.
I had one of those letters, I requested to see the RN Respiratory Specialist, as it is very unfair for a general Sickbay GP to voice an un-specialised opinion on this condition. His opinion would be a heavyweight in your corner as the medical board will not go against the professional opinion of one of their own!
I won my appeal and had that medical condition removed from my records!
All the best, pm me for more information if needed!

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