Can you help identify these ships?


Lantern Swinger

Two photos attached which I inherited. The first one - not a great photo looks like a WW1 destroyer. The pennant number C15 on the side seems odd for WW1 and I cannot see that being an identifier in WW1.

The second photo is a lot clearer. I think it is is either Calliope or Champion from one of the C class light cruisers. She is wearing what looks like the red ensign from the foremast, but an admirals pennant as well. It looks like two anchors have just been released, she is still underway and the jack has not yet been hoisted. The seaplane is also interesting.

Has anyone else got any suggestions of thoughts?




WreckerL,indeed you could be right, but correct me if I am wrong Acheron belonged to the improved Acorn class completed 1912-13 and served with the Harwich force 1914-15.

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