Can you Delay/Cancel your Fitness test

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by IconicBuck, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. IconicBuck

    IconicBuck New member

    I have my medical 12th this month and I've been training only recently and I'm no were near ready for 1.5miles in under 11.30 minutes, am i right in thinking i would have to cancel my medical and take it later on as you HAVE to do the fitness test 28 days after your medical ?


    Did my test and passed with 9.32! had nothing to worry about
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  2. Spidiver

    Spidiver War Hero

    Unless you've been ill, I reckon you need to question whether you have the commitment to join the RN. I'm 55 and can run 1.5 miles ln less than 11.30 mins.
    Infact 11.30 is not much more than a brisk walk.ffs.
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  3. LiteLite

    LiteLite New member

    You have 28 days from your medical, sensible training and you should be alright, are you within the required weight perameters? I am still in the application process myself so I can't give 'recruiter' advice, but I would imagine it is better to let them know, you do get 3 attempts but it will add time onto your application if you do fail and all that. I am sure someone will be along in a bit with an answer
  4. IconicBuck

    IconicBuck New member

    well the thing is ive been training on a tredmill for the past month now and ive been doing 1.5 in under 8 mins ... im starting the question if im running in miles or kilometres because 1.5km is about 0.9 miles ... also my treadmill is rubbish as it can only go up to 10 on speed
  5. IconicBuck

    IconicBuck New member

    just looked at the manual it does 10kph which is very easy for me to keep up with
  6. FireMonkey

    FireMonkey New member

    And there is your answer to your question above. You have been running in Km not miles.
  7. Spidiver

    Spidiver War Hero

    You're not the brightest puppy in the litter are you?
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  8. IconicBuck

    IconicBuck New member

    Defiantly, shocking at maths i am... guess ill be cancelling and buying a better treadmill then
  9. Spidiver

    Spidiver War Hero

    A better treadmill won't make you run bet is to save your money and go and measure a mile and a half outside...and then run like feck...and keep doing it till you get under 11.30mins....twice a day..once early and again in the've got stacks of time !!!
  10. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Trust me you will know if you're running 1.5 miles in 8 minutes!

    How about you sack off the treadmill and get your running shoes on, the PJFT requirements are absolutely shocking and you're dripping that you can't do it?

    Take a look at yourself, how long have you been in the joining process and you knew this was coming? Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!
  11. SphynxPawww

    SphynxPawww New member

    The first time the navy get in touch with you via letter for any date for any part of the process they say and i quote "strongly asvise to start exercising regularly" You should know what you are getting involved in, and 4 weeks you have max to get 1.5 mile in under 11:30, that is a realistic target so get your jogging shoes on
  12. jimgallagher

    jimgallagher New member

    If you go running five times a week for the four weeks you have then you will be fit enough to pass the PJFT. Push yourself and you'll do it! If you still can't then i'd suggest the Navy isn't for you.
  13. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    When I first started training I was going for RM and their PJFT is 12:30 then 60 second break then again under 10 mins on a 2% incline and I went from not being able to finish the 2nd 1.5 at all to 11 minutes then 10:45 then 9:30 and a PB of 8:42 and I did this from January to March.

    Just get your head screwed on, focus on your goals and run.
  14. angrydoc

    angrydoc Guest

    Road running is a hell of a lot easier than treadmill running, and is how the RNFT is performed. I think the PJFT is treadmill based but still - run on a road. If you stay on a treadmill, 1.5 miles is equivalent to 2.4 km. You'll need to set the pace to around 13.5 km.h-1 to scrape it - bit faster to smash it. These figures arn't 100% accurate but I'm afraid I can't be arsed working it out - mainly because of the distinct whiff of dogshit I'm experiencing.

    I really hate being in Pompey.
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  15. Stirling

    Stirling Banned

    Yep, quite a few of these sites around to plan your route and distance for mile and half.

    WalkJogRun Running Routes
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2013
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  16. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Or Nike+ if you have an iPhone.
  17. tentoes

    tentoes War Hero


    Habit forming isn't it......=D
    Sorry MODs couldn't resit it, standing by heels together.
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  18. itslando

    itslando New member

    i couldnt do my run and i took advantage of the 28days now i can practically wlk the 1.5 in 11.30, just do some core and run more 1.5 everyday
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    "Interestingly", as candidates undergo a quick medical 'once-over' (BP, BMI, and the obligatory: "You ain't going to die/leave a dockyard pizza on my treadmill are you?") there is no reason why a full service medical must be undertaken before the PJFT - it's not really a random spaceshot to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life forms and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. It's more of a timed 2.4Km run on the bouncy, rubbery, moving spot, really.

    To this end, it's quite possible your AFCO may send you the PJFT before the medical examination as a gauge of motivation.

    If it's not completed within the 28 days for no other reason than the individual couldn't be bothered getting fit enough, then it counts as a first fail. A fail adds two months to the wait to join, which effectively means two months' new entry pay is forfeited, ie: bye-bye 2/12ths of £14,145. It's not so much you're letting your headteacher, the whole of your primary school and the Royal Navy down, you're simply ripping yourself off.

    Top tip; Log-off, trainers on, get a training partner, get running outside.

    Mix-up your training with swims & cycles (non-impact CV) so you're not running daily and battering your knobbly knees too much.

    Good luck.
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  20. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Set myself up for that,

    But I didn't come close ha!

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