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Can you cheat at Ukkers?

The Uckers Board from the S+S Mess after the Newcastle decommissioned ended up round my place. And I agree with Fighting_Sailor, up-tabling is a technical 8-piecing!
I always thought that the titles of 'Six Throwing, Ludo Playing, Timber shifting number throwing c***' were properly earned titles of masterdom of the game - because whoever you were playing, they were better than you and you couldn't have won by fair means.
andym said:
I just recieved a brand new uckers Board for my Birthday.Its a cracker with a Hall of shame on the back.Very well made,nice bit of kit.It may be had from

Not plugging the site just letting you know.

Call me sad if you want, but I made my own! :oops: I now 8-piece the wife on a regular basis although she closes the fun-park if I'm caught timber-shifting! :roll:

Got to keep in practise during a shore draft to the spreadsheet factory. :wink:
Just asked a squaddie who sits opposite me if the army plays ukkers he said, and I quote, "aint that ludo?" to which I had to leave the office and go and polute Greater Dorset.
I understand from pongo sources that the AAC plays ucckers......but that might just be a rumour. And you can now spot a AAC detactchment under canvas from 500 yrds by the screams of "six throwing lucky bas***d" :)
As true afficianados of the 'childish game played by sailors' will testify, there are only TWO rules in Uckers (YF):

1. Don't cheat
2. Cheat (but don't get caught)

'Nuff said!


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