Can you cheat at Ukkers?


Lantern Swinger
What are you some kind of six throwing, Timber Shifting, Suck Back Waffu?? :twisted: :twisted:

Of course you can cheat, you can cheat at anything, but, you will get caught. :wink:


Cheating is perfectly acceptable in uckers, as long as you get away with it!

If your opponant is dumb enough to look away and be distracted, then it's his fault that you out-piece without a six or blob up without the numbers.

However, if you are caught by your opponant, then you must immediately say "oops sorry, your right!" and not argue (yeah right!).

Cheating is what makes it such a great spectator sport!

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What you do is make a diversion scene and wipe out everything.

Or maybe that is why no one ever played Ukkers with me!
Right, there are three golden rules to uckers...

1) Ease on a double,
2) Split on a six,
3) Cheat like ****!

Hope that clears things up.

PS In our mess an 'up-board' is considered a technical 8-piecing and subject to your details being entered on the flip-side regardless! Very unsporting behaviour.


Lantern Swinger
I was watching a game last week where one player got away with easing over and blobbing up in front of an oponents blob. The opponent didn't notice the move (doh!) and was setting themselves up for a mixi... the sepctators kept quite for a bit, but eventually their comments brought the game to a halt and forced an explanation and admission. Resetting the pieces was a challange a bit like that faced by a Snooker Referee after a bit misshit... but great entertainment value!!!


Cheating at Uckers is absolutely essential. The easiest way is to get someone to distract your opponent and then gently timber shift.


Being a Perc, who was introduced to the dark arts by a MT in Bosnia, I didnt get much of that Jackspeak! But it sounded good to me, wondered why the missus always wins! (Cheating cow!)

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