Can you believe it?

Bwaahaa!!!!! Never ceases to amaze me how plod is always 10 steps behind the crims. Second life is rife with money laundering, and the FBI have only just realised that its easy to buy and sell property there no matter your physical location as the transaction is too hard to trace with all the fake accounts and dead drop emails with no real info and credit cards that don't exist.

Im waiting for the first virtual blag complete with shooters, jag, git yer traaaasers on yaw nicked you slaaaaag.......
thingy said:
...real money used to buy virtual furniture...

Has the yoof of today gone mad?
These pr!cks need to get a live, how can you steal something that is not tangable? More to the point who would be STUPID enough to buy something you can not own touch or see for real money :laughing8:

Someone stole my pretend friend, and is having a pretend relationship, on my pretend bed............ :thumright: :thumright: :thumright: FFS

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