Can you become a pilot as a Warfare Officer?


Hi, Its a question I've been researching and I can't find a proper up to date answer.
If I join as a Warfare Officer, can I become a pilot in the air arm with the intention of coming out and becoming a PWO and hopefully command?
I notice that once you do your Initial training, IWOC, OOW and all of that, you choose a sub specialism, I get that, but is one of those specialisms a pilot?
You have to be under 26 at the start of flying training.

If you want to be s pilot, join as a pilot; if you want to be a Warfare officer, join as that.

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I'm not trying to be dull. The numbers of Warfare->Pilot are vanishingly small (less than 5 a year at a guess). It is far easier to become a Warfare Officer from being a Pilot than the other way around.
Yeah, I was getting that feeling, how do I go about becoming a warfare officer from a pilot? Sorry to be a nuisance!
Join, pass all your flying training, realise that you have actually no desire to spend your entire life at sea, and instead wang about in your trusty bird?

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