Can women serve on Mine Countermeasure Vessels?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by blondeblackbelt, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. I can't seem to find any information to confirm whether they can or not. I have looked around all the MCMV homepages and checked out the photo gallery's and can't seem to find any pictures of or write ups on women but there seems to be no information suggesting they cannot work onboard in certain roles (logs for example)

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  2. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Yes, with the current caveat that MCMV concerned is not black and submersible.
  3. BBB


    Women are excluded from serving on submarines, as divers and as Royal Marines but not, AFAIK, on Mine Countermeasure Vessels. I can see no logical reason why they would be.

    Is this something which would interest you?
  4. Yeah it's definitely something that would interest me and I didn't think there was a logical reason why I wouldn't be able to serve on them. I just think a little bit of paranoia set in when I was checking out all the MCMV homepages and couldn't find any sign of women! Must dig deeper...

    Thankyou for the confirmation, Soleil :)
  5. Women officers currently serve on MCMV's, but as yet there are no female ratings, mainly due to the very limited space onboard.
  6. Additionally, bear in mind that MCMVs don't carry any Logs (Personnel). They do have Catering Services ratings comprising a Leading Chef, a Chef and a Steward.
  7. PRRR!! sorry for laughing at the divers comment but female ratings do serve on mcmvs!
  8. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Everyone should contribute something to a discussion. Your contribution should be silence.
  9. Always willing to tell, rates trades etc..numbers..
  10. Or possibly death!
  11. oh stop it i'm being serious for once, i'm too sensitive for all this crap
  12. Ohh okay, thankyou. I just came across HMS Atherstone logistics department which talked about "stocktaking and storeroom management, to hotel services, food preparation for 48 crew and accounting" and had thought that personnel might fit into there somehow.
  13. For the sake of helping the little lady out

    There is one currently serving LH WS(MW) serving on an mcmv, there were a couple of others who recently went in to train for their killicks don't know if they're also serving as killicks at this point, also you can get a draft on any other branch (even on divers branch if you believe what the RNR says) but easier said than done due to limited accomodation spaces for female ratings on board ship.
    There are currently no female mw PO's serving, so the positive is you could be one of the first female POMW's to serve in the RN so get cracking with your taskbooks! Also i believe more females should be welcome to serve! :)

    Edit: Just hear say of course, i on the other hand don't know much about mw.
  14. Oh there you have it, a couple of females have served. I like those odds.
  15. Excluding currently serving AB's.
  16. Yes, all performed by the three ratings I've mentioned as orchestrated by the ship's Coxswain, normally a Petty Officer (Diver). Responsibility comes early in smaller ships. Pay, promotion and other personnel admin is managed by Logs (Personnel) staff at their shore base. However, a Leading Logs (Personnel) is borne at Squadron level ashore and acts as the Sqn Cdr's Secretary (more important than it sounds), often accompanying him (no 'her' to date) when he deploys with his staff for operations and exercises afloat or to a FOB (Forward Operating Base).
  17. Well there must be plans for more females to serve on MCMVs as I know of at least one young lady who is in the training pipeline as a muppet
  18. There's certainly no room in the Officer's flat on a Hunt Class for an additional female cabin. I had to sleep in the switchboard when I visited for a week.
  19. Let the sleep with the lads, at least that way we can see what lady silors are mede of (literally) :p
  20. BBB

    If you can come to London during the second week of March, there may be an opportunity to look around one.

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