Can we start one for oneing with Poland/Pakistan

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by danny, Oct 26, 2014.

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  1. You would have to include Z list celebs as well danny, I would swap a few of the stunning Bollywood wimen for some of the swamp dogs that 'appear' on our TV screens.
  2. Yep Get Joey Essex on that plane. Good idea.
  3. Why don't we all just smeg off to Poland/Lithuania/Albania/Wazzockstan etc and have all THEM just move en masse to a country of their choice? A change is as good as a rest. Good idea. We could have "Country swaps" - and say, the population of Albania could all move to the Falkland Islands, everyone down South could shift to Albania, all us Brits could go to Tenerife (or if a bit pushed for space, we could add in Bermuda/Malta and some other places of interest), and all them lot could have this island for a bit.....say on a 99 year lease.
    I think that this latest brain-fart of mine is absolutely fu**ing brilliant even if I say so myself.
  4. Who is them? This was a thread about total mongs of the United Kingdom and how we could rid ourselves of them.
  5. Just realised that it's not possible to get rid of any of the dross that sucks the life out of the
    NHS, the benefits system and social housing projects because that would mean the end of
    Jeremy Kyle and the demise of Channel 4 as they would no longer have anything to make
    a documentary out of.
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  6. Why one for onesing ... just bring back deportation!
  7. Because you can't deport british people which is my entire point.
  8. I'm off to France once I pick up my pension, you can have Yannick Noah in return.

  9. Try telling that to the Brits who became residents of Australia circa 1786! Although (my bad) I think the term was "transportation" in those days! There must be somewhere we can dump the dross?????
  10. Plymouth?
  11. Corby?

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  12. Cumbria, and they can take a bucket of nuclear waste from Guzz with them. A win win situation.
  13. Cumbria is already full of nuclear waste and fuckwits, especially on the West coast. There's no room.
  14. Get fucked.
  15. Are you one of my Cumbrian brethren Danny?
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  16. I'd like to say the same but if you're from already are ;)

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