Can we have a whip-round?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 4to8, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. You dont get offers like this in tesco,maybe we could club together and draw a name from a hat or sommat.Tim,you are excluded as you do not have enought experience and might put the poor girl off.

    Cherry for sale.
  2. Prob cost me as much if the wife found out!!!
  3. And I thought this thread would be about some S and M not a 20's something ollie-gist hawking her pristine pearly for cash.

    It would appear she has joined the Worlds Oldest Profession and is now negoiating a price. Sounds like Lady Astor-v-Winston Churchill story.

  4. If I bung a fiver her way can I have a blowie at the very least?
  5. fcuckin shave off!!!! I've been tryin to hawk my mutton for over 45 years and haven't had a single offer. Perhaps I should try the auction approach.
    I'ts not in pristine condition like the little girlies but hey consider the experience that goes with it.
    happy new year to all..............

    UP SPIRITS.................SPLICEEEEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pukel: :w00t:
  6. Why would you put a fiver in her bung....oh I see what you're saying...she's not desperately un-pretty, but even so, $2.5m?
  7. Dinger... I'm getting desperate.... how much do you charge and what specials do you offer? :biggrin: :twisted:
  8. You may be able to get one cheaper on EBay. But make sure you settle by Paypal just in case you don't get all you paid for :tp:
  9. The lying $%^&*,I had her ages ago.Cost me subway,
    WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Does she accept credit cards?...... or better still, will she do it on tick?
  12. Talkin of whiprounds Mrs. Dinger and I celebrated 41 years of marriage today, what a fcuckin whipround shes had and we think this little girlies favours are a bit highly priced. This old gal must have cost me a fortune over the years but she's been worth every penny. better lookin than the bird tryin to flog the cherry too. Mrs. Dinger settled for installments too.
    Thingy,I'll give you a shout when my interest fails here. You sound like a reet nice girlie too.

    UP SPIRITS.......................SPLICEEEEEEEEEEERS
  13. May I offer you my sincere best wishes :thumright:

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