Can we have a whip-round?

You dont get offers like this in tesco,maybe we could club together and draw a name from a hat or sommat.Tim,you are excluded as you do not have enought experience and might put the poor girl off.

Cherry for sale.
And I thought this thread would be about some S and M not a 20's something ollie-gist hawking her pristine pearly for cash.

It would appear she has joined the Worlds Oldest Profession and is now negoiating a price. Sounds like Lady Astor-v-Winston Churchill story.



Lantern Swinger
fcuckin shave off!!!! I've been tryin to hawk my mutton for over 45 years and haven't had a single offer. Perhaps I should try the auction approach.
I'ts not in pristine condition like the little girlies but hey consider the experience that goes with it.
happy new year to all..............

UP SPIRITS.................SPLICEEEEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pukel: :w00t:
You may be able to get one cheaper on EBay. But make sure you settle by Paypal just in case you don't get all you paid for :tp:


Lantern Swinger
Talkin of whiprounds Mrs. Dinger and I celebrated 41 years of marriage today, what a fcuckin whipround shes had and we think this little girlies favours are a bit highly priced. This old gal must have cost me a fortune over the years but she's been worth every penny. better lookin than the bird tryin to flog the cherry too. Mrs. Dinger settled for installments too.
Thingy,I'll give you a shout when my interest fails here. You sound like a reet nice girlie too.

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