Can This Be Legal?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. If it is then it's discrimination of the highest order.

    I have just seen on the news that Scottish students don't pay, EU students don't pay but English students have to.

    Typical Jock. The sooner they are out of our hair the sooner they will realise that most of their living comes from England.
  2. Its been going on for years, the only reason that English Students have to pay stems back to the West Lothian Question, Labour Scots MPs, and let's remember their constituients would not be affected by this, voted in favour, passing the motion.

    Matters affecting England should only be voted on by English MPs, the Scots MPs should have the good manners to abstain.

    Just a quick note for those who do not believe that Scotland gets more cash than England here's the figures per person:

    England £5,940
    Scotland £7,346
    Wales £6,901
    Northern Ireland £7,945

    Source: Public Expenditure Statistical Analyses (PESA) 2005, chapter 8, table 8.2, Retrieved from Wikipedia.
  3. I do empathize with the English where the Lothian question is concerned and yes IMO where legislation affects only the English Scots MP's in Scottish seats should abstain from voting and that in one fell swoop would put a stop to all this bickering between us.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Well said. You're right, my Northern cousin.

    Your round.
  5. Wow you guys just don’t know where to get off. What you lot are on is an anti Scotland campaign. In my opinion you are racists pure and simple, you go on your merry anti Scottish rants oblivious to the fact that every nation gets more than you, but you guys have to pick on the jocks, Get a grip, it's not the fault of the man or woman in the street it's the politicians, and as Potential_Officer seems to like to hunt down some proof of how much money is spent on the Scots, here is some other proof for him that it's not the jocks that are to blame, 353 Liarbour MPs at Westminster and guess what? we don’t have anything like 353 political seats in Scotland. I could be wrong but I think there is only about 35 Liarbour MPs from Scotland. The upshot of that is you guys down south voted these tossers into power not us, your English Liarbour MPs voted fat boy Broon into number 10 not us.
    And as for NotmeChief is that all you have to do, just hunt around for shit to stir. Did some big bad Scotsman pick on you when you were at school? Or are you just a racist.
    For what it's worth, I voted against devolution because I could see what was going to happen, Scottish MPs voting on matters that only English MPs should vote on, and this anti Scottish feeling south of the border.

    Sock it to me chaps.
  6. PO

    Just go and see how much they pay out per head for Londoners, makes us look cheap and there is twice as many of them too.

    If you want to have a pump at the subsidy junkies get the real ones.
  7. Don't worry about the English fundamentalists, they usually go of half cocked any way, never get their facts quite right.
  8. You forgot the other bit that PJs usually tag on to the end of that - Scotts are patriotic.

    It's the other way around wings - if the english are the only ones being discriminated against by Scotland then it is the scotts who are racist.

    Anyway, where did this racist crap come into it. Someone always mentions that to try and either get one up or end the conversation.
  9. Aberdeen lad what utter tosh, the Higher Education Act was carried by Scottish MPs, had it been down to an all English MP vote it would not have been passed. Also up until the 2005 election there were fewer people per Scots MP than there were for an English MP, Scotland was over-represented.

    If England had its own Parliament, you could probably be sure of a near-continuous Conservative power, (and they opposed the Act, which Labour had said they would not introduce in their election Manifesto) so yes it was imposed on us by Scottish votes, and I am aware that this is not all Scots, just those who have been suckered in to the SNPs ploy of the robbing English and North Sea Oil propaganda.

    I strongly believe in a United Kingdom, where each and every person is equally represented in Parliament, and all areas of the country are funded according to need rather than simply because it is Scottish or English.
  10. Yup those 35 or so Scottish Liarbour MPs managed to out vote every other MP in Westminster, they must be good.

    Any particular reason you felt you had to dig up the statistics about who gets what money?
  11. I havn't got a clue what PJs means.
    Scotts are patriotic - Ask somebody who classes themselves as Scots, me I am British and proud of it.
    Racist crap - I have read a post by you on another thread regarding independance- "I reckon it's a brill idea for them to go independent and rebuild the wall"
    And lets not forget this thread, why did you feel you had to go and dig up a story from months ago, Is that you being pro English or anti Scottish. Whatever it is it's not being British.
  12. First of all when the Education Act was voted on Scotland sent 55 Labour MPs to Westminster, I didn't dig them up, they were found when I was looking up the West Lothian Question on Wikipedia. I thought it wise to put the issue to bed of Scots crying over the fact that you don't get more than an Englishmen, before it was said.

    And no I'm not racist, I have Scots, Irish, and English ancestry, I just look back at history and see that when the Union was strongest so was Britain, and cannot think as to why anyone would want less than a United Kingdom.
  13. Just look at how much more London puts in to the economy! Look at how many more private workers there are in the capital as opposed to Labour's plan of shifting all the cash up North where there are in some places more public sector workers than private sector workers, that is just not sustainable.
  14. Most normal folk in Scotland agree with this but our political "masters" (Who employs them?) have decided otherwise. Only one Scottish MP will not vote in a England/Wales vote and he's THEback stabbing Tory (only one in Scotland!!)! But as most Scottish MPs are Labour (put up a monkey in a red jacket call it a Labour man and it will win) they did what Blair told them to do.
  15. 55 Scottish Liarbour MPs is still not enough to out vote the rest, face it the English are just as guilty as any Scottish MP.

    I do agree with you 100% with regards to the United Kingdom, but I will never agree that all Englands problems are caused by Scots, though I would admit Bliar and fat boy Broon have caused a lot of damage to relations between the Scots and the English.

    In my opinion devolution is the second biggest disaster to hit the UK, the first was Bliar and Broon.

    Maybe calling you guys racist was a bit strong and I do appologise.
  16. I will agree with you, Devolution is ripping the country apart, it is creating tensions where before there were few, and has opened the flood gates for more and more powers to be scattered, purely to feed more layers of second rate politicians. Unfortunately I think it was the 55 Scots MPs that swung it, plenty of English Labour MPs voted for it, but had it been an all English MP vote, it would have been defeated.

    New Labour has been tragic for the United Kingdom, in some ways I wish the Tories had lost in 1992, so as that power would have swung back to the Tories for 1997.

    Apology accepted.
  17. You must be in journalism as you twist things to suit your own end.

    I have read a post by you on another thread regarding independance- "I reckon it's a brill idea for them to go independent and rebuild the wall"
    I also said "Then us underpaid buggers would be able to afford a foreign holiday by going north."

    Dig up a story from months ago??

    It's not my fault if the BBC are months behind, I only heard it this morning on the news 24, Perhaps it's the BBC stirring things.
  18. Lets face it,

    MP's, Scots or English, they are all abunch of lying [email protected]$*%!ds, that steal as much as they can get in expenses and freebies.

    Education has always been free in Scotland, it should be in England also,

    The man in the street didn't decide on it, it was the lying [email protected]$*%!ds in westminister.

    Sack them all, We are being run/shafted from Europe now anyway.

  19. Well said finky
  20. Nope I am not a journalist. FYI I work in the oil industry with plenty people from England, and we get on quite well, no anti Scottish or anti English rants other than banter. This particular story surfaced about 4 months ago in the English Sun as we all know the Sun runs a paper for Scotland also that is full of anti English shit.
    As for twisting things to suit myself I have no idea where you got that. Everything I said is true.
    Underpaid buggers - do you think you are the only underpaid people in the UK?
    As other posters have said it's not the Scottish people that have caused this problem it's the politicians and to a greater extent the sensationalist gutter press.
    Have a look at Potential Officers last post you will see we are both in agreement about a couple of points. Devolution has caused this problem and worse still Bliar and Broon, yes they are both Scots I apreciate that but they were voted to the top of the party by both Scottish and English party members.
    My point is dont blame the Scottish people for all Englands problems, blame the politicians.
    I will end my rant to you the same way I ended for Potential Officer with an apology for calling you a racist.

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