Can they make you go subbie?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by cutter, May 21, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    I read on one of the threads that new male loggie YO recruits at Dartmouth are being pushed into submarine training 'cos so many women YO's are loggie's.

    Put simply, can they make you do it? What if you didn't want to be a subbie?

  2. The whole reason you go to Dartmouth is to become a subbie (S/Lt). The correct way to refer to submariners is Sundodger.
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Cutter your best bet would be to join the Swiss Navy
  4. I'm afraid I haven't got a clue what the f*ck you're all on about. The Swiss Navy? What?

    Can they make you become a 'Sundodger' then if u don't want to?

  5. If you're worried about having to do something you don't "want" to do then maybe the armed forces aren't for you. Sorry.

    Why wouldn't you want to become a submariner anyway?
  6. For f*cks sake stop being so pedantic. It's a simple question:

    Can one be forced to be a submariner?

    In answer to your question, sitting submerged in a submarine is not my idea of 'seeing the world', that's all. It's not that I wouldn't do it, it's that I'd prefer not to.
  7. As far as I'm aware, YES

    *Edited to add - the use of subbie confused me also*
  8. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Of course,if you took up dual nationality(Irish parents?) that would cause some problems if you wanted to become a submariner...:wink:
  9. Excellent point matelot, also i believe there is an eyesight cut off for boats? I think they need you to have the highest level wheras surface take the next one down. Though unsure as to whether this is just for warfare or if it is for everyone.
  10. That would be very helpful to know. I'm in the lowest band in regards to eyesight, therefore going for loggie officer.

    If even loggie's had to have good eyesight on a submarine it'd be great news from my perspective as I'd never have have to serve in one! :D
  11. I wasn't aware it was being done as soon as Dartmouth. as a baby Loggie (Pusser for the old timers) you'll be assigned your first appoitnment at the end of ILOC (JSOC for the old timers). As only males can go on submarines, and the Loggie Officers tend to have a high proportion of females, you are more likely as a male to be appoined to a submarine.

    It's not so long ago that it was very unusual to have a pusser on a sumarine a a high proportion of pussers don't meet the eyesight requirements for periscope wtachkeeper, and a CO didn't want to lose a watchkeeping billet. The only appoitments tended to be to bombers.

    Remember Cutter, there's not many sumarines left anyway!
  12. Be aware though it may come up at AIB or something, and if you dont sound like you'd be willing to go deeps it probably wont work in your favour...

    Ask at the AFCO about the vision thing

    Does the idea of all the submarine pay not appeal?
  13. Heh heh, the extra pay doesn't really appeal. I know its a cliche but the appeal of the Navy to me is seeing the world whilst actually doing something, rather than on pointless holidays.

    Someone mentioned on another thread that loggie's are lucky to get to sea twice in heir career? Surely not? (anyone!)
  14. capt-ahab makes a good point regarding the AIB. It's best to avoid flat refusal to do on boats. Try looking thoughtful and suggest that it is something which you hadn't given as much thought to because you are so keen on being a skimmer. If you're planning on going Loggie then there is a much broader field to play in "on the surface".

    There are also a number of ways to avoid, or get out of, going all the way. The appointers tend to have a quota to fill and look for an average of two candidates from each ILOC. These two (males, naturally) need to pass medical as well as academic examinations to make it through. If you're eyes aren't great or you can't pop your ears or you get claustrophibic, etc .... you get the idea.

    PM if you want to know more.
  15. When the appointer suggested I go into submarines, I asked if she had seen my science scores at Dartmouth, and if she really wanted me near a nuclear reactor... The subject was never raised again!

    On your other point, it certainly was true that as a pusser you would average one sea job as a Lt and one as a Lt Cdr. I agree that it should be more. Should the RN copy the RFA (Royal Fleet Auxillary) way of doing things where you actually spend your career at sea? My info is a couple of years old so I standby to be corrected/updated. If you really do want more sea time then go for submarines after all.
  16. great, cheers!

    Any other suggestions on how to avoid being selected for submarine service aret much appreciated!
  17. Well to be honest, going to sea is why we all do this surely? I should rather do my 4 month trip at sea out in the South Atlantic or the Gulf than stuck alongside in Guzz or Glen Mallan - no barrack stanchions in the RFA (unless you count the Commodore).

    Though if you really want an easy life you could be a Supply Officer in the RFA - you spend your life giving people stamps, cash advances and shutting the office for one week a month for 'end of month accounts' (though this isn't a slag off the supply branch moment - they must do some kind of valuable work because they help us get our tax back)

    As for the submariners business, a year or so ago they were actively pinging warfare officers who arrived at BRNC for submarines, and for loggies it's something they're very much pushed towards. The best defence is to consistently show no interest in subs whatsoever, especially at the AIB - they don't mark you down on this, and it's something a good few friends of mine have quite adroitly done.
  18. Why's this in the RM forum?!
  19. Does that really work? I would have thought that if they have a POC willing to go boats and one that isnt with the same scores surely the potential submariner would get the place?
  20. cheers, any other tips on avoiding becoming a 'sundodger'? :wink:

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