Can the waiting list really be that long?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by GSSR_Vvd, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. Well everything has been done and i'm just playing the waiting game now. I did have a start date for september (this was for submarine branch) i took some advice and weighed up my options and decided that i should keep my options open and asked to be transfered to the waiting list for surface fleet.

    I had a phone call from my careers advisor shrtly after and was told that i should expect a start date around Feb/March 09. He told me that my time already waited would count for something but it seems not too here. I bumped into him this weekend at an event in my area, he seems to think that he told me it was an 08 entry not 09. Now he told me to ring today and he'd find out. I did that but the chap who deals with allocations is on annual leave for a week.

    Are there any careers advisors out there who know if this length is correct? I understand that every case is different but as my understanding is that the list is the same length all over rather than each region having their own waiting list. I do however stand corrected if this is completly wrong. Does anyone currrently know estimated dates on the waiting lists?
  2. Ninja is your man I think - I'm sure he'll pick it up - he normally looks at newbie Qs

    09 would be an inconceivably long wait
  3. Thats what i thought as i have been in the system since Feb/March this year. Although i do know some branches can be that long. Going in as an MA so i was told to be prepared for a wait of about 12months not 24 :)
  4. isn't 08 and 09 the weeks rather than the year?
  5. Well it could be but i was typing from what i say in my head. Big mistake :) for you 2008 and 2009 ;-)
  6. hey mate. i was doing my MA (SM) course and decided that i wanted to go as a general service MA but was told that the waiting list for an MA going general service was 16months. I ended up having to stay submariner but just change branch to CIS. I've since found out while back at raleight that the waiting list for surface fleet MA's is 16months. I would still say that your start date is in 08 and not 09 as i'm sure you've waited for a good while so far as it was. i was waiting a year to get in as an MA (SM).
  7. I am going CIS(SM) and and had very little wait. Lucky me!
  8. Yeah phil you are, i'd give my left arm to join up asap ( although that would mean i couldnt do the training so it's be a bit pointless) :) As to my start date i just need to carry on running while i wait. I'm lucky as i'm in the RNR so i can stay rather focused but without knowing a date i cant really plan ahead for my RNR training.
  9. why not get mobilised while you wait?
  10. Dont get me started on that one. Have told my unit i am ready to go and do the job i trainied for but they seem to think it's better to let people who have already been away twice this year go again and even get people to cut holidays short rather than give those who are here in unit week in week out a chance to do the job. (i'll stop dripping now)

    :rambo: :rambo: :rambo: :rambo: :rambo: :rambo: :rambo: :rambo:
  11. If It`s 09, why not try the Booties for a year, that way you will be fit for Raleigh. :w00t:
  12. In what sence? RMR or RM? I have thought about it though.
  13. I may be wrong, but can you still join the RM as a CDO MA ?? I think you do commando course then MA course and are employed in the same way a GS MA would be if attached to a CDO unit after CDO course
  14. Well i thought about that but i thin k it would take me just as long to get to the fitness standards for the PRMC. I can already do the required for the RN but am doing a training programme to give me the best possible fitness for when i'm in as one day i wanna do the All Arms Commando Course. Thats a fair while away yet though. I'm just focusing on maintaining my fitness for raleigh and then i'll really step it up.
  15. Whats the average waiting time for entry to Raleigh from, say, the day you first made contact with the Navy?
  16. I dont know about Raleigh, but I have been told (by three seperate recruiting officers) that depending on how quick my vetting is I could be in by February for officer training (provided I pass everything of course). I made "first contact" last Friday. This could be wildly out though: only time will tell.

  17. Blimey, February? I thought orificer selection took around a year!
  18. Yeah I am suspicious too. Still I am hoping for the best and making sure that everyone I talk to is fully aware that I want in as soon as is possible. Maybe.. just maybe...

    I think the recruiting people dont give you honest answers with regard to application periods, I was told that if I wasnt in by feb, it would almost certainly be may, but even this sounds a bit dodgy. Still I hope they are right!

    I have to say I was surprised by how long it takes. I naiively thought I would be waiting 3-4 months at the max!

  19. well it is from the date you pass your interview so for me it'll be March time. Still no answers to my question though :-(
  20. I applied in March, start date is at the start of October, so just over 7 months from walking through the AFCO doors. Everything passed first time and choosing the soonest medical/fitness dates etc. The biggest gap was between test and interview, over a month!

    I thought that was quick, but people seem to be doing it in 4 months!

    My "waiting time" was 3 months, but I passed the interview back in April...

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