Can the Commons be trusted to release the data on expenses?

Re: Can the Commons be trusted to release the data on expens

Statements :

GB : I fully understand the public's concerns and anger regarding MPs' expenses and, whilst the matters you raise are for the House of Commons authorities who are required by law to comply with the Freedom of Information Act, I want Coventry Telegraph readers to know I am determined to make the system as transparent and accountable as possible and am working hard to make this happen quickly.

Was he speaking directly to a Cov.Tel. journalist or was this information gleamed and re-written ? I can't imagine he'd be that specific to target Coventry. :idea:

What else has been altered in the quote, I wonder ? 8O


This is a matter for the house authorities, which are the holders of the data. There is a legal requirement on them to comply with the Freedom of Information Act and the Data Protection Act in the light of the high court ruling and on legal advice they receive. Specific issues of redaction (editing) in the official release of information are for the House of Commons Commission.

Whilst the FOA has restrictions that can be utilised, it would be utterly pointless for the Govt to attempt to withhold information. The cat is already out of the bag, leaks abound and any more attempts to manipulate information will just damage Westminster doubt attempts will be made, but with the never-ending flow of revelations pouring out, if any credibility is to be restored (unlikely whatever happens), they really have to play straight.

Trouble is, Brown is not fit for purpose. He's not ruthless enough. A man who stands on the steps of No.10 and says simply, 'I will do my best', upon taking power, probably meant it. Genuine motive just doesn't sit well in politics.

It's my bet that Brown initially had the idea for a review and Cameron, the nasal sniveller, stole his thunder by squeaking the loudest, soonest. :evil:
Couldn't access the link, but seen it around methinks..Fair point JG, we are all p*ssed off about MP expenditure, but this article focuses on the next step : the willingness of Westminster to self- assess honestly or not.

On that we can only wait with baited breath and see whether GB croaks it politically or not....interesting to see if Cameron would actually finish what he's started if he got into power.


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Aren't we missing the point here. If we are to have faith in any of our MP's in the future they themselves must publish the full expense claims that they are submitting. They themselves must order the government not to edit or alter any expense claims that they have made. Then we will know who we can trust in the future. Otherwise we will always wonder who is hiding what, and why.
Re: Can the Commons be trusted to release the data on expens

Good point, Granny, but had this conversation (leastways, attempted to) elsewhere.....this is like asking for the pot of gold at the end of the long has Parliament known about this situation ? Donkey's.

When did they do something about it, and more importantly, why ?

Cameron, the snivelling little sh*t, stole the initiative from Brown and used it to unravel the Govt so he could call for a Gen Elec. .....One-upmanship brought this about, nothing to do with morals.

I don't understand why we constantly ask our politicians to be honest, upstanding citizens when they operate in one of the most dishonest avenues of public life, whose entire foundation is based on power-plugging.

Sure, we all know what they should do, but they are as fallible as anyone else, either personally or in public office.

The entire system is set up to be corrupt and that won't be given up lightly when it offers £ goodies. Certainly, won't stretch as far as individuals taking it upon themselves to become accountable.

Politics has always been dirty. This is just another shitstorm.
Re: Can the Commons be trusted to release the data on expens

Taloolah said:
Cameron, the snivelling little sh*t, stole the initiative from Brown and used it to unravel the Govt so he could call for a Gen Elec.
How could Cameron steal the initiative from a man who didn't have any in the first place? Brown was blustering and floundering along and didn't have a clue what he was doing. As for Cameron unravelling the government I think the government is doing a mighty fine job of it itself and doesn't need any assistance from anyone else.
Re: Can the Commons be trusted to release the data on expens

Sorry. Disagree on this one JG........This started off as a rumble, a leak, if you recall, and Cameron quickly started shouting loudest about disciplining his own party members when the fiasco was unfolding.

Whatever the media presentation of Brown, think about Cameron as a PM rather than opposition. What are his policies ?

It was a matter of who got to the public pulpit first. They were all bloody falling over themselves. Brown refused to condemn his members outright at one point when people were baying for blood, that's all. The man thinks and reacts slowly, so he looks like a fool. He's not.

Brown's biggest failing is that he cannot play the media. Everyone think's he shit because he's not smooth. Better him than Cameron and his predecesor who was one of the most dangerous leaders we've ever had.

Look at the list of lost freedoms under that cnut, then tell me I'm wrong.
(When did Blair ever answer a question directly) ?

The Conservatives do little except reflect back the failings of Labour, easy enough to do, but they've had little substance themselves for too long.

Give me a man who has humility enough to admit his mistakes over a smooth-talking fuckward anyday. At the end, the truth out. Our national apathy stems from the poison chalice Brown inherited as much as his mistakes.

Ironic to me how we bitch about being lied to, yet have gotten so used to spin.
Sorry if this is a little off topic, but I was just taking a quick skim through that expenses sheet posted by JG. I wasn't quite aware before now that most MPs have been claiming more in expenses than the median wage of a worker in the UK (2008 figures - £22,000).

That is crazy. They claim more on top of their comfortably paid job than the majority of people will earn in their normal working job...
Yahoo News :'Bruised Brown Fights On'.....if a speech ever represented this bloke's character, this is it. No spin, no frills.Scottish, presbytarian background,speech the same.

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