Can someone tell me if my gym routine is ok?


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wannabeaet said:
You haven't got to be superfit for the Royal Navy, fit yes, superfit, no.
I think if you can run your 2.4km in a decent time, can do enough pressups, dips, and a few pullups, you're going to be middle of the class.
I just hope that tenacious_g isn't signing up as a Marine Engineer Technician (MET), and thinking that he will come out as a Royal Engineer, a sapper, in 24 Commando Regiment.

What the f*ck is an MET? (here's a hint, it's not a real rate in the RN!)

dips and pullups are not required or practiced at HMS Raleigh, you'll know this once you've been and then your words of advice will be worth more than the paper they're not even written on. Until then, go away and practice handwashing your socks.


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Ninja_Stoker said:
The odds are that someone somewhere is confusing Royal Marine, with Marine Engineers. Two completely different beasties. (The latter being better looking.)
:lol: :lol:

Ain't that the truth! :wink: