Can someone plz put my mind at rest?????

Hey guys this is my 1st post loving the site.

Ive been considering following my dream of joning the RM but have always been held back because i dont have good eye sight.

i wear glasses and contact lenses and im hoping this wont stand in the way of a lifelong dream can someone please clear this up for me.



Hey mate,

im no specialist on eyes, maybe one of the Doc types can help you but i know theres a measurement of your eyesight and how good it is.

degrees or something? anyway if your optician tells you this there are entry boundaries for example:
eyesight being +/- 6 degrees is unacceptable (0 being perfect eyesight) +/- being far/near or near/far sighted.

dont quote me on this but this is the general thing im sure. (if you get my drift?)

when angry doc and andym read the post theyll leave some advice so check back.

il leave a link on the injuries and medical problems post to here the link for that thread is:



Hey mate i was on the RN site and came across this pic that reminded me of u and ur problem with needing goggles.

i dno about the no glasses rule??

hes holding an SA80 on a gemini so is he RM?

also, he has pretty big sideburns and if he was RM im sure he'd have to get em off as my PTI told a guy on the first day...

"your girlfriend may like em when you go down on her, but get em off!"

(same guy turned up to a parade night with no t-shirt on, shorts and a gold chain when a colonel 2IC reserve forces was coming to inspect and hand out medals and awards)




Re - eyesight standards - best to contact your local careers office who will advise. Pretty stringent on standards, but branch dependent - ie bridge watchkeeper has to have higher standard than a logistics type, etc.

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