Can someone please explain

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Ja5on, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. Why I have got the the tag I have and how to get rid of it thanks.
  2. What tag?
  3. The oxygen thief tag
  4. Maybe to do with the amount of drivel you've been posting.

    Might want to send Bad_CO a little message and see what he says.
  5. My posted some of my own opinions that upset some people thats all I did.
  6. :wink: Engage brain? before opening mouth!!! ------sorted.
  7. What Scouse said!
  8. You really haven't helped yourself by asking this question and have left yourself open to even more abuse by showing that it is getting to you.
  9. I don't mind abuse sticks and stones and all that. Anyway it's mainly keyboard bashers doing the abusing and jumping on MLP's bandwagon rather than abusing me for a real reason. At least MLP is original and knows why he is abusing me unlike the majority of the others who started after he did. I can almost guarantee that they didn't read through my posts properly in the first place and come to their own conclusions, I guess we can't all be shepards.
  10. Your posts involve one of the two;

    * Just posting a link with no relevant information

    * Not thinking before posting
  11. Other people post news without any info and don't have any problems?

    Not thinking before posting I will admit too but have you read the other posts on here? I am just a drop in a very large lake for that offence.
  12. Other people who post links, contibute a lot to the site also.
  13. Give me a chance I haven't been here long (4 months) unlike the others.

    Also I am waiting for an op so I can get my medical signed off and get a starting date. But instead of just sitting on my laurels waiting I am attending RNR nights at my own expense. I will contribute a lot more once I am in and actually know what I am talking about.
  14. If I can just chuck my hat into the ring here for a second, Ja5on has a point, albeit a minor one.

    Although the lad is a bell, there are others on here who top him in those stakes. Perhaps we should nominate people for the award. MrBullcrap and Chicojizm are notorious helmets who splatter the boards with pump exceeding that which Ja5on does.

    Yes he probably deserves it, but so do others. Anyway, it's a badge of honour, embrace it. Kind of like losing a GCB or two.
  15. Thanks MLP backhanded as always what's GCB?
  16. Shut it o2 thief. Good Conduct Badge.

    Jenny, with it in mind that some chompers are evading capture, could we move this to Lil's for a nominate an o2 thief thread?
  17. Tim will be along Shortly :wink:
  18. I'm not the mod to this part of the forum, so I can't move it but I am sure the right dude will be a long soon :wink:
  19. I think you mean along soon, it's all one word.
  20. And you wonder WHY you have the tag? :?

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