can someone help me


right, i applied for the navy when i was 16, passed the written test, flew through the interview, and was told i was ideal matlow material, but not in them words, " Im from a big naval background". But when i went to have my medical i failed due to having scaring from my eczema as a kid, i was told that id be a medical liability. Now you can imagine a young lad that had everything on joining the mob has been left high and dry now. Cant say ive done **** all, you could say id been cheers easyed then. Now granted i do have scars but it doesnt stop me from doing **** all, i think i was dealt a bad hand that day. My old man served 22 as a kilac radar, and had served many a time with lads with excema in the navy, what went wrong for me? and do i have any chance, because to be honest ive got **** all else going for me. Shit i know more then most of end of basic training. HELP,,, DANI. 24YEARS


War Hero
Do you still have active eczema?I find it hard to believe they refused you due to scarring!!!

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