Can somebody tell me the scores required for branches?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by WarfareSpecialistToBe, May 15, 2010.

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  1. can somebody tell me the scores needed for different branches, when doing the psychometric test?
    I have applied for WS, but i dunno if there is anything else that might take my fancy,
    cheers guys
  2. do your best, cheat if you have to,

    get given a list of available jobs

    go straight to section beginning with F

    look for FAA AET. if its on there yippee

    if not resit test

    do not go OM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I could list them, but I don't think it will help you.

    When are you sitting your RT?
  4. No such thing as OM's we went obsolete years ago.
  5. Funny, the best years of my Naval life were as an OM. The FAA is chod.
  6. FAA are chod indeed and full of muppets who are nothing but RAF in dark blue.
  7. So the OMs have gone and we are back with operators (now called Warfare) once more?
    They should have listened to me when I was interviewed on going to Collingwood on recatting from EW to WE (Right initials just wrong way round...) and said it wouldn't work.
    I could have made a fortune in consultancy fees.
  8. I started off as an OM(AW) then about 5 years later they started to change and merge all sub branches except Comms and Muppets into OM(W) about 2002/3 now no longer OM and now AB(WS) just no longer do WE side of things.

    I loved being an OM(AW) both dabber and WE it worked for me
  9. hmmm.... i have thought of being an aircraft engineer also,
    well im currently doing a-levels (Biology, Chemistry, Geography, and Psychology)
    Do your outside qualifications go towards anything by going in as a rating?
  10. No.
  11. I don't see how knowing the required scores will help you. Don't aim for a score, aim to do the very best you possibly can in anything you do. What's the point in being half arsed about anything in life, only get one shot, anything short of your best is a waste of time really.
  12. Yes, but you'd need to change your Rum Ration login name. Are you ready for that? It's a life changing event . . .
  13. Seconded. :)
  14. We haven't even given him his service nickname yet.
  15. Don't be so negative Monty, it might get him a place in the mess quiz team,
    then again.............
  16. How about Yak Gash :?:
  17. Yak Gash?? :lol:
  18. Yack Gash, yes, a non-position-specific login name. Also there is Human Gash, or just Gash.
  19. time you go to the zoo have a skeg at a Yak's gash and report back.
  20. I'm not denying there isn't a job of viewing Yaks Gashes... as far as I'm aware there isn't a role such as this in the Navy (as far as I'm aware). So gimme a frickin' break!

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