can seaman specilsts's do SF jobs like 148 SBS ect

ok i am thinking about switiching my aplication to seaman ship secialist dose any one know if they can join 148 forward oberservation battery and SBS want to work with the boats for few years then go specialist infintry and there is a long waiting list of about a year if i switch from royal marine
number dosnt work if any one else has any info please share ok got my answer the answer is you can definatley go for the SBS i have just asked SBS reserve directly
i know but i only have limited space for the titel and yep thats pritty much all i wanted to know now i can just focus on picking something i want to do with out having to worry about SF how ever i do now need to praper for a diffrent interview so talk to you later
working on my english at the moment i have failied that subject 3 times so far but it is just english maths passed science passed
dantae said:
working on my english at the moment i have failied that subject 3 times so far but it is just english maths passed science passed
<tongue in cheek> Allow me to assist: Even with just some punctuation it reads a lot better.

I'm working on my English at the moment. I have failed that subject three times so far but it is just English; Maths passed, Science passed.
</tongue in cheek>

I had remedial English at school and it really helped.
Not a dig, Dantae, but all the 148 Bty guys I have met have pretty impeccable English and Maths because of the nature of the NGS role (communicating absolutely unambiguously and calculating fireplans on a 27 rpm cycle, with times of flight, fusing and UTM grid references all mentally worked out).

And the 2 SCs I know are easily some of the best-edumacated non-officers I know (both degree-holders).

I'd REALLY work on my English if I were you - otherwise your RT score will come up with "Steward" or "Lt Cdr Engineer".
great out of all the things i cant stand that subject is the top of the list any way can some one give some more info on seaman ship specialist i dont want to be just cleaning the ship all the time also what do the main ships of the royal navy do from day to day the website is not very clear on this


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higthepig said:
The Seamen chip and paint in the forenoon, then in the afternoon they paint and chip.
Sometimes they do a sort of pounding on the bulkheads too, normally while I am trying to get my head down. They do seem very good at it though, very regular and rhythmic, never really heard their painting though! :lol:
if thats the case i will stick with the royal marine's good thing sites like yours exsist or i would be under the illusion id be doing the things i enjoy when sailing plus the guns and driving the small rigid craft of the royal navy
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