Can RNR do RMR training?

Discussion in 'RMR' started by Shakey, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know if existing RNR on the trained strength can go along to a RMR centre and go for the commando course training assuming they're up to speed on the phys?
  2. Do you mean a transfer or do both? I know someone who was in the RNR and he had to leave RNR to join the RMR because he wanted to, but you might want to check that with your superiors.
  3. An oppo of mine asked the same question a few years ago and got a very firm NO, on the grounds that there was no operational requirement. He even offered to do the AACC in his own time, unpaid and was turned down. Whether opinions change now the RNR/RMR are all under one roof I don't know. It won't hurt to ask.
  4. I would think they would have to go through the entire training process with a group of RMR recruits this would take at least 10 months and it would probably be easier to just leave the RNR and join the RMR.

  5. Well on this one I know that it has happened in the past. A Lt Commander in the RNR was also a chest surgeon. He wanted to pass the Cdo Cse and join 3 Cdo on ops. He was an all right lad, but the fizz took its toll. I still think he is in the RNR.
  6. Shakey oh another thing, the lad in question was still a matelot but he joined a Rct. Troop that I was taking through. Good for the first aid lecture. He also was the FA cover!!!!!
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Is it not still the case that RM do not have Docs they come from the RN if this is the case I assume that the same would apply to RMR
  8. Janner not too sure on the actual paper work, but I think at a pretty high tax band someone allowed the chap a crack of the whip. During training he did have to do all his own pay chits etc. Due to the training one of those naval chaps with a brain cell (gold on the shoulder is the indicator) made sure that his insurance to do the training was complete. So his docs never came to the green side. Hope that is helpful.
  9. I know of a Lt who got a temporary transfer to the rmr to do the full Commando Course (he'd already completed the All Arms course in the regulars). He got injured late during training and is now back in the RNR.
  10. Part timer to me that seems pants....if you earn the lid it you wear it!!! Again up north we have a few lads who are ex 7 Battery. No worries joining the RMR. So I wonder why jolly jack tar didn't get the same crack of the whip?
  11. As I understand it, he was planning to transfer to the RMR, but was told the All Arms course wasn't good enough and had to do the the full course. He got seriously injured late on in the course and as he was still RNR it was felt better that he should transfer back. Part of the reason is maybe that he was in his 40s.
  12. Part Timer, that still smells of some PSI bull s**t!! How can anyone say that the ALL ARMS isn't good enough? I mean those lads get beasted til their eyes bleed! So if that where something that went across he board then all the ex regulars pushing forty would not be allowed to join the RMR. How much skills and experience would we lose....lots!!!! If anyone has got actual details of this happening then get in touch, I will pass it on up the pay chain. Think that SO2/SO1 RMR may well have a take on this>
  13. Bloody Hell, didn't want to drop anyone in it. I just wanted to make the point that RNR have undertaken RMR training, but the key point was that he'd done the All Arms course (therefore RM training) before. I didn't want to raise a storm as to whether the All Arms course was good enough to serve in the RM/RMR (rather than attached to) or not.

    I think there's a lot of inconsistency about how courses 'count' - eg reserves transferring to the regulars, some with many years service, have to go around the buoy again if they transfer to the regulars.
  14. I agree totally, but if someone has earned a gren lid, lets face it, its never an easy option! Should be able to wear it and transfer to the RMR. There is also another case I forgot about, where a University student joined the RMR, passed out with the RMR as a Marine not an officer. Then when he got his degree in medicine, he then transfered to the RN med branch. Last time I saw him was on Telic 1. Green lid on and serving with Med Squadron! So where is the difference. He didn't have to do the All Arms and was taken in at the drop of a hat.
  15. Yeh,
    I thought as long as you passed the commando course (all arms, reserve, regulars) you got your lid and it stuck with you no matter where you ended up.

  16. Thanks for all your replies!
  17. Heard a rumour that a (very)small number of sailors pass Selection for the SBS. Could be BS, though.
  18. If you are a regular and join the RMR you join qualified and with the rank you had.

    If you are a rubber dagger you have to complete training again...a lad in my grot was a RMR who had passed the Cse but still had his nod hat for training.

    If a matelot had done the AACC in the full time mob there is no way that he would have to do a rubber course to wear it again in the reserve.

  19. Alright mate,

    Are you talking about Regular recruit training? As i definitely know twoo guys down there just down, YOs who passed there RFCC and have been allowed to wear their Berets and Flashes right through there training.

    Can you just clarify, as it would seem to me slightly ridiculous for a guy to earn his Beret and be deployable yet then have to give that up and wear a nod hat again and re-do all his training.



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