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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jimbojones, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. Hello Guys,

    I applied to join the Navy a few months back and I completed the medical, PJFT etc. I was just waiting on security clearance before I got my start date. I had chosen to be an ME on the submarines but after some soul searching and some funky dreams about being confined to a sub I withdrew my application. I feel I have made a mistake and think I would love to join the RN just maybe not as a submariner!

    Can I reapply and if so can I reapply without going through all the tests interview and medical all over again?

    I would ask my recruiter but he was very patronising at the best of times, so I thought I would get some info here first.

  2. Welcome to RR Jimbo, you will get a load of good infor in here, there are some very knowledgable guys and girls, but don't worry about phoning the careers office, they want people and much as people want them, and don't forget, they are human (although I'm not sure about one of the Parade staff when I passed out).

    Give the careers office a wee phone.
  3. Yes it deffiantly can. Call in and explain the situation. They may try and fob you off about being a submariner. But just stick to your guns and be adament about being an ME general service and there shoudnt be a problem.
    There is a massive shortage of ME's. To such a point as the time between being an ET (ME) 1 and being on the siganl to leading hand is a literaly a couple of months if you want it.
  4. Thanks Trooped & Danny,

    Can anyone also give advice on job choice? I would like something with quite a bit of action and something that mixes up land and sea.

    I was told by the Doc during my medical that my BMI is too high for the marines (30.2), after 3 months of daily running and a very modest diet, 700 cals daily, I lost only 3 kgs! So the marines is out of the question.
  5. If your after action then the navy might not be for you really. But it depends so you want to be dodging bullets and people with big knifes or having a good time?
    In reality i would say ME's are the hardest working people on board.
    The only branch i would say to stay away from would be wrfare. it would just bore me to death i think.
  6. Danny,

    Do you know about whether or not I'd have to start the whole process from scratch or would the Navy start where we left off?

  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    JJ PM Ninja or await his coming onto the tread, he is best placed to give advice
  8. This reads as though you don't know what an ETME does - have you researched the branch?

    Time for a comparison perhaps. Erm...Engineering, like a vehicle mechanic - electrical bits and mechanical bits - also like a domestic appliance engineer, only on a ship/ it's lights, engines, auxiliaries, heating, fridges, toilets (yes, toilets!!) and high pressure systems and loads of other stuff. So, if you like 'hands on' fixing and maintaining stuff then you're in the right place - if you don't, then maybe you need to look at the branch specs again.
  9. Polto,

    I am fully aware of the job spec as an ME, it's just that never having done it before the only way of getting an idea of the job is by reading the glossy brochures and looking at the web sites. My recruiter had about as much enthusiasm as a pacifist in a boxing match so I never got any worthwhile input from him.

    I just really want a proffesion where i don't get bored sitting on my rump all day long, I want to be involved and play a worthwhile role on operations. I was originally swayed to Subs because I couldn't get into the marines and the money was excellent. Those reasons alone do not bode well for a long and satisfying carreer!

    This is why I pose my questions here as I know nobody who's been in the Navy and I figured serving personnell can give me the most honest answers.

    Thanks to all fo your input.

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