Can I wear my Dolphins?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by ianmickey, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. Ex-Submariner, 18yrs, now a Sea Cadet officer (I know..I Everyone telling me I can and should wear my Dolphins on my SCC uniform but nervous about causing offence to regulars (I know what I would have said!) Can't find it laid down anywhere. What do you think? Cheers
  2. I'm not an ex-submariner myself, but I would guess if you've earnt the Dolphins, you are entitled to wear them

    ASCR2 para 0309

    Aircrew and Parachute “Wings†and Submarine Service badges are to be worn in accordance with BR81 – RN & RM Uniform Dress Regulations as follows:-
    Naval Aircrew Wings
    May be worn by Sea Cadet Officers and Senior Rates who were entitled to wear them in the Royal Navy or Royal Naval Reserve Air Wing. No other form of Aircrew wings are to be worn.
    Submarine Badge
    May be worn by Officers and Senior Rates who were qualified to wear them in the Royal Navy. They are NOT to be worn with MCD uniform.
  4. You are a star! Many thanks :)
  5. I'm sure no one would mind. I saw the other day a Sea Cadet instructor wandering around HMS Raleigh in 4's trousers and 3's shirt. The mind boggles.
  6. That sort of thing just grips my sh*t! If they are gonna wear the uniform they should do it properly. Anyway, I have the reg now that says I can legally wear them. Cheers
  7. I had a captain who dressed like that. He completed the look by wearing a long sleeved 3s shirt open necked without the tie or wooly pully and his blakeyed leather soled black shoes. Mind you he was a four ringer dagger N thousands of miles from the UK so I suspect he was right in his assumption that he could do what he liked....
  8. It used to be standard rig for grunters to wear 8's trollies and white shirts at sea on boats - nowadays, the standard mixed rig for the bunhouse is 4's trollies and beige RM officers shirts. I guarantee that you will have worn at least one of these 'improper' rigs (seeing as how I know your name, rank, and previous jobs, so I do)!
  9. LOL

    Do you know me!? Yes, I admit it.... on a boat on patrol i did wear brown and blue..... did as I was told back then!... but more recently, esp after the TIR fire, always 4s.
  10. On a T boat I was on the skipper waltzed into the control room wearing a civvy fire brigade blue shirt that he'd bought at Bogey Knights.

    Next trip every hossifer onboard had bought them as well 8O

    Bogey Knights must have a made a quiet killing with the sycophants.
  11. 8O

    Oh how sad! (but not surprised!)

    Based on Wrecker's post, when I came outside, I worked doing sea trials of Middle East ships built by Vosper Thorneycroft in Scumhampton. The vast majority of the lads were ex RN, and the 'Officers' were ALL ex RN. One wore two and a half stripes one day, then 'lost' them and could only find 3 stripes to wear after that! Plus they all wore psuedo RN uniform - we were civvies FFS!

    On being asked to wear a 'uniform', I elected to go into Gosport market and buy some of the loudest shirts I could find, and wore them with pride. At least everyone could find me!!!

  13. Dont forget you can also wear them on half blues,3s or 5s as was, above the left pocket on the shirt. I do it and I am a lowly CCF Wavy navy orificer!
  14. Took a Ton Class sweeper out of refit in Devonport to deliver to the RNR, with just a skeleton crew.

    We went to the local Woollies in Guzz before we sailed and bought cowboy hats, holsters and cap firing pistols, which we wore at sea for the entire trip.

    Official rig was ovvies and Coastal Forces Jerseys, so it wasnt much of a leap to full cowboy rig!!

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