Can i transfer to be an officer once i have trained up to be a rating?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by 2cool, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. Currently I am unsure if i want to start at the bottom or go in as an officer. Is it possible to transfer to officer training once you have already entered as a rating?
  2. Even officers have bottoms!!! Sorry, even officers have to start at the bottom, of there own ladder that is!!!!
  3. well thats what i mean though could i transfer to the bottomw of the officer ladder at a later date? and also do I have to have a degree to start at the bottom of the officers ladder ( the one that goes up to commodore). I have A-levels in maths physics german geography but no degree, and I can't decide if i want to start in officer training or train as an able rate, ive already applied to go in as an able rate meteorologist.
  4. Once in there are ways to transfer between branches and from Rating to officer, but I was always under the belief that joining up as an officer was probably easier than going through all the red tape and S**T that goes with transfering internally, IMO
  5. thanks sumo, I'm a little worried at the moment though if i go back to the careers office and ask to change to an officer application they will question my commitment as im not dead certain which option to take, and i'll be waiting even longer to join :( been waiting a year already! oh and one more thing, do I have to have a degree? I have searched but its all a very confusing process!
  6. Go back to your careers office with hard questions e.g. after some research I want to become an officer (branch/trade) what qualifications do I need, as they will vary, not sure if they still do but for officers that needed a degree they used to sponsor you through Uni as a civy, i.e. they paid you to be a student, but no big summer hols, you had to do RN training, you had to sign a commitment to the RN on completion of degree.
  7. ok thanks for the help. I will give myself more time to think about it as i'm recovering from a hamstring injury at the moment so not in a rush to be doing any more physical tests

  8. A link to follow have a read

    Eligibility | Royal Navy


    For many jobs there are no formal entry qualifications. If you have GCSEs
    (or equivalent), the range of opportunities is wider still. To apply to become
    an officer, you’ll need 180 UCAS points and 5 GCSEs (A*-C) or Scottish Standard
    grades or equivalent, which must include English and maths.

    For direct graduate entry as an officer, you will need a degree or
    equivalent, at least 180 UCAS points and 5 GCSEs (A*-C), or Scottish Standard
    grades or equivalent which must include English and maths. If you’re still
    unsure about whether you meet the minimum qualifications, contact your local
    Armed Forces Careers Office.
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  9. Based on the fact you can't make a decison I would apply for the officer corp. You'd fit right in.
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  10. haha, I don't understand why I am expected to be able to decide what could be a whole career option with ease!
  11. The one that goes up to commodore?? seriously?
  12. Any decision that you make at this stage is a career determining decision, so make sure that you make the right decision first time. In the long run it is for the best.
  13. And don't bite!

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  14. You've got a lot to do if you decide you want to join as an officer. Given your lacklustre grip on ranks, career progression, educational qualifications etc I would suggest you need to do a lot of reading if you're going to stand any chance of convincing the AIB that you have the commitment to join the RN.

    In answer to your question; yes, there are systems in place that enable RN ratings to become officers. As previously alluded, it's quite a long process, it will be some considerable time before you're able to apply, there's a good deal of mucking around to get a course at Dartmouth and, quite frankly, it's easier for all concerned if you join as an officer in the first place.

    All that having been said, many people join with this 'transfer' in mind but find they are quite content as a rating and, instead, concentrate on rising through the lower deck and becoming extremely valuable and well qualified senior rates.

    The other thing I would say is you don't just join the RN as an officer; you join to be an officer in a particular role. If your intention is to join as an officer then you need to sort out what 'job' you'd like to do and then you've got to convince the selection people that you're motivated and determined to achieve that. Wandering into the careers office and telling them you want to be a Warfare Officer without knowing what that job entails, the process of getting there, the educational standards required etc is liable to result in you being kicked out of the office with a 'Fail' sticker on your back.

    Assuming your enquiry is genuine and you're not just trolling (and if you are (a)it's been done before and (b)it would make you a tedious twat) you need to do a great deal more research. That means searching and not just asking the same questions that have been asked here a million times before. Or don't and see how well the Forum members respond to those questions being asked :)
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  16. I think admiral is the highest rank? it was probably just impossible for them to make a reliable pay chart for that haha

    also to others, i was not suggesting i plan to be / have the ablitity to be a commodore. I just remember seeing the chart and finding it very interesting!

    Also, of course I don't know anywhere as much about the navy as you guys. You all probably work or have worked in the navy. I have not. Of course I seem retarded with my attitude/knowledge of the navy.
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  17. thanks thats a very useful document that answers my questions about transfers! I found a document online before that contained sometyhing about transfers but it was more confusing!
  18. Is this the table head butter in Billy's latest offering?
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