Can I run this past you all?

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by finknottle, May 28, 2009.

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  1. Do you all think it would be a good idea to set up a dedicated in memoriam/condolences page here on RR as it does seem to be a bit disjointed as it is at present?
  2. Yes. Good idea
  3. Sounds like a good idea to me
  4. A better format might be a separate section, distinct from the forums, with a distinct page for each obituary. You could then have a section underneath for condolences and comments.

    I think the "blog" feature of the site is pretty much in that format already so it wouldn't be too hard to implement.
  5. Make it so.
  6. Gets my vote.
  7. Very good idea to me tops
  8. :thumbright:
  9. I mentioned this to Seaweed when he PM'd me about condolence threads a while back, not sure what the outcome was as he didn't reply
  10. There is a Memorial Place on romft which was set up on it`s inception, it names all the fatalities and where possible the events that led to it.

    Have a look if you want an idea, it`s run by one person.

    It has a simple heading `Names`. In the Memorial forum.
  11. This has been raised before and I have always been against but open to persuasion. In my opinion Rum Ration / ARRSE etc are not the places to run any sort of formal remembrance book. A dedicated thread is OK if you wish to start one, but not a forum or dedicated page.

    There are two main objections: Firstly the MoD does an excellent job of this and one that we cannot match (it sounds like Romft have also got it covered although I doubt to the same standard). Secondly repeating it on here is just an invitation to the more melodramatic among us to cut'n'paste war poetry and the less creative to write "RIP mate" hundreds of times. I would want neither of these if it were me.

    I appreciate that people want to express condolences but think it should be low key (perhaps a single thread) but as I said, I am open to persuasion given enough support.
  12. Having said all that - I've misunderstood slightly and missed one important thing of course - people dying who aren't in Iraq and Afghanistan and therefore not on the MoD site. Is it dead RR members you're thinking of or those killed on ops?
  13. There is a group on FB which lists names of those who have past away whilst serving our country, be it from illness or during the act of war.

    It get's updated often when news of a death comes to light. The creator of group is doing her best to make sure she doesn't miss a name so if she has people inform her.

    Here's the current list


    148 Commando Battery Royal Artillery

    OM(C) Ian SEYMOUR RN - 21 Mar 03

    702 Squadron Royal Navy

    POAEM(R) ‘Wheels’ - 1991

    815 Squadron Royal Navy

    Lieutenant Toby BEALE – 23 Dec 98
    Lieutenant Dave COLE – 08 Dec 04
    LAEM Richard DARNELL – 08 Dec 04
    Lieutenant Rob DUNN – 08 Dec 04
    Lieutenant Jamie MITCHELL – 08 Dec 04

    845 Squadron Royal Navy

    REM(A) Adrian Anslow – 25 May 1982
    LAEM Don PRICE – 25 May 1982

    849 Squadron Royal Navy

    Lieutenant Philip D GREEN RN - 22 Mar 03
    Lieutenant Antony KING RN - 22 Mar 03
    Lieutenant Marc A LAWRENCE RN - 22 Mar 03
    Lieutenant Philip WEST RN - 22 Mar 03
    Lieutenant James WILLIAMS RN - 22 Mar 03
    Lieutenant Andrew S WILSON RN - 22 Mar 03

    HMS Drake

    LCH Darren ‘Pinky’ FLOYD – 12 Jul 08

    HMS Kent


    HMS Nottingham

    AB(S) Steve Williams - 1987

    HMS Osprey

    AEM Peter ASHLEY – 04 Feb 95

    HMS Sutherland

    LET(ME) Brent ‘Jules’ ANDREWS RN

    HMS Tireless

    OM Anthony HUNTROD – 21 Mar 07
    LOM Paul McCANN – 21 Mar 07


    3 Commando Royal Marines

    Captain Philip Stuart GUY RM - 21 Mar 03
    Marine Sholto HEDENSKOG RM - 21 Mar 03
    Lance Corporal Michael JONES RM - 29 Jul 07
    Warrant Officer Second Class Mark STRATFORD RM - 21 Mar 03
    Major Jason WARD RM - 21 Mar 03
    Marine Joseph David WINDALL RM - 2 Sep 06

    40 Commando Royal Marines

    Marine David MARSH RM
    Corporal Damian MULVIHILL RM
    Lieutenant John THORNTON RM

    42 Commando Royal Marines

    Marine Thomas CURRY RM
    Marine Tony EVANS RM
    Marine Benjamin REDDY RM
    Marine Georgie SPARKS RM
    Marine Scott SUMMER RM
    Lance Corporal Ben WHATLEY RM

    45 Commando Royal Marines

    Corporal Liam ELMS RM
    Lance Corporal Steven 'Jamie' FELLOWS RM
    Lance Corporal Mathew FORD RM
    Marine Jonathan HOLLAND RM
    Marine Alexander LUCAS RM
    Corporal Ben NOVAK RM
    Marine Richard J WATSON RM
    Marine Jonathan WIGLEY RM
    Marine Gary WRIGHT RM
    Corporal Danny WINTER RM – 14 Jan 09

    539 Assault Squadron Royal Marines

    Marine Jason HYLTON RM
    Marine Christopher R MADDISON RM – 30 Mar 03 (IRQ)

    Armoured Support Group

    Marine Dale GOSTICK RM
    Marine Jason MACKIE RM – 14 May 09 (AFG)

    Commando Logistics Regiment

    Marine Damian DAVIES – 12 Dec 08
    Corporal Robert DEERING – 21 Dec 08

    RM Poole

    Corporal Ian PLANK – 31 Oct 03


    Colour Sergeant John CECIL RM - 21 Mar 03
    Marine Neil David DUNSTAN RM
    Marine Robert Joseph MCKIBBEN RM
    Marine Travis MAKIN RM – 11 Jan 09


    1(UK) Armoured Division HQ & Signal Regiment

    Lance Corporal Shaun Andrew BRIERLEY

    29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery

    Lance Bombardier Ross CLARK
    Lance Bombardier James DWYER
    Lance Bombardier Llywelyn Karl EVANS
    Sergeant Les HEHIR
    Lance Bombardier Liam MCLAUGHLIN
    Warrant Officer Class 2 Michael SMITH
    Captain Tom Herbert John SAWYER – 14 Jan 09

    Armoured Brigades

    Corporal Lee CHURCHER

    Army Air Corps

    Lance Corporal David Kenneth WILSON

    Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

    Private Craig O'DONNELL

    Black Watch

    Lance Corporal Barry STEPHEN

    Blues & Royals

    Lance Corporal of Horse Matty HULL
    Lance Corporal Ross NICHOLLS

    Coldstream Guards

    Sergeant Chris HICKEY – 18 Oct 05
    Lance Corporal Anthony James WAKEFIELD – 2 May 05

    Duke of Lancasters Regiment

    Second Lieutenant Johnathan – BRANCH – COOKE – 05 Feb 07 (IRQ)
    Kingsman Alex GREEN – 13 Jan 07 (IRQ)
    Kingsman Jamie HANCOCK – 6 Nov 06 (IRQ)
    Sergeant Graham HESKETH – 28 Dec 06 (IRQ)
    Kingsman Alan JONES – 23 Apr 07 (IRQ)
    Kingsman Adam James SMITH – 5 Apr 07 (IRQ)
    Kingsman Danny WILSON – 01 Apr 07 (IRQ)

    Royal Engineers

    Lance Corporal Jake ALDERTON
    Sapper Luke ALLSOPP
    Staff Sergeant Simon CULLINGWORTH
    Corporal Ivano VIOLINO

    Grenadier Guards

    Guardsman David ATHERTON
    Guardsman Simon DAVISON
    Guardsman Neil 'Tony' DOWNES
    Guardsman Daryl HICKEY
    Guardsman Daniel PROBYN

    Household Cavalry Regiment

    Trooper Ratu Sakeasi BABAKOBAU
    Second Lieutenant Raph JOHNSON
    Trooper James MUNDAY
    Lance Corporal Karl SHEARER
    Lieutenant Alexander TWEEDIE

    The Honourable Artillery Company

    Trooper Jack SADLER

    Intelligence Corps

    Corporal Sarah BRYANT
    Second Lieutenant Joanna York DYER – 5 Apr 07
    Lance Corporal Jabron HASHMI

    Irish Guards

    Lance Corporal Ian Keith MALONE
    Piper Christopher MUZVURU


    Lance Corporal Sean TANSEY

    The Light Infantry

    Corporal Matthew CORNISH – 01 Aug 06 (IRQ)

    Parachute Regiment

    Corporal Bryan James BUDD
    Private Peter Joe COWTON
    Private Nathan CUTHBERTSON
    Corporal Oliver Simon DICKETTS
    Private Jeff DOHERTY
    Private Daniel GAMBLE
    Private Damien JACKSON
    Lance Corporal Nicky MASON
    Private Charles MURRAY
    Captain David PATTEN
    Captain Jim PHILIPPSON
    Private Jason Lee RAWSTRON
    Private Joe WHITTAKER
    Warrant Officer 2nd Class Michael WILLIAMS
    Corporal Mark William WRIGHT

    Princess of Wales Royal Regiment

    Private Lee O'CALLAGHAN – 09 Aug 04
    Private Christopher Gordon RAYMENT – 04 Aug 04

    Queens Royal Lancers

    Corporal Stephen John ALLBUTT
    Trooper David Jeffrey CLARKE
    Trooper Robert PEARSON

    Royal Anglian Regiment

    Corporal Darren BONNER
    Lance Corporal George Russell DAVEY
    Private Robert Graham FOSTER – 23 Aug 97 (AFG)
    Lance Corporal Darren GEORGE
    Private Chris GRAY
    Lance Corporal Alex HAWKINS
    Captain David HICKS
    Privates Aaron James MCCLURE – 23 Aug 07 (AFG)
    Private Tony RAWSON
    Private John THRUMBLE – 23 Aug 07 (AFG)

    Royal Army Medical Corps

    Private Eleanor DLUGOSZ – 5 Apr 07
    Corporal Kris O’NEIL – 5 Apr 07

    Royal Army Veterinary Corps

    Lance Corporal John MURPHY – 7 Jan 07 (NI)
    Lance Corporal Kenneth Michael ROWE

    Royal Artillery

    Sergeant Dave WILKINSON

    Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers

    Corporal Jason Stuart BARNES
    Corporal Timothy Darren FLOWERS – 21 Jul 07
    Corporal Darryl GARDINER
    Lance Corporal James MCCUE
    Corporal Alex SHAW – 13 Jun 82
    Corporal Marc TAYLOR – 28 Sep 04 (IRQ)

    Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment

    Lance Corporal Peter Edward CRADDOCK
    Lance Corporal Steven SHERWOOD

    Royal Gurkha Rifles

    Colour Sergeant Krishnabahadur DURA
    Rifleman Yubraj RAI
    Major Alexis ROBERTS

    Royal Highland Fusiliers

    Corporal Barry DEMPSEY

    Royal Horse Artillery

    Captain Alex EIDA

    Royal Irish Regiment

    Ranger Justin James CUPPLES
    Ranger Anare DRAIVA
    Lance Corporal Luke MCCULLOCH
    Lance Corporal Paul MUIRHEAD

    Royal Logistic Corps

    Private David John BAIRD – 14 May 96 (BOS)
    Sergeant Robert BUSUTTIL
    Private Andrew Barrie CUTTS
    Corporal John GREGORY
    Staff Sergeant Chris MUIR
    Warrant Officer 2nd Class Gary 'Gaz' O'DONNELL
    Private Leigh REEVES
    Warrant Officer 2nd Class Dan SHIRLEY
    Sadie (Sid) LANGLIOS – 17 Jan 99

    Royal Military Police

    Corporal Russell ASTON – 24 Jun 03
    Sergeant Simon HAMILTON-JEWELL – 24 Jun 03
    Lance Corporal Benjamin HYDE – 24 Jun 03
    Lance Corporal Thomas KEYS – 24 Jun 03
    Corporal Paul LONG – 24 Jun 03
    Corporal Simon MILLER – 24 Jun 03

    Corporal Mike GILYEAT

    Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

    Fusilier Kelan John TURRINGTON

    Royal Regiment of Scotland

    Lance Corporal James JOHNSON
    Sergeant Jonathan MATHEWS

    The Rifles

    Rifleman Daniel Lee COFFEY – 27 Feb 07
    Rifleman Paul DONNACHIE – 29 Apr 07 (IRQ)
    Major Paul HARDING – 20 Jun 07
    Private Jonathan KITULAGODA
    Rifleman Aaron LINCOLN – 02 Apr 07 (IRQ)
    Rifleman Stuart Winston NASH
    Corporal Daniel ‘Danny’ NIELD – 30 Jan 09
    Sergeant Chris REED
    Corporal John RIGBY – 22 Jun 07 (IRQ)
    Corporal Richard ‘Robbo’ ROBINSON – 17 Jan 09
    Rifleman Edward VAKABUA – 06 Jul 07 (IRQ)

    Royal Signals

    Corporal Mark CRIDGE
    Lance Corporal Peter HETHERINGTON
    Sergeant Barry KEEN
    Corporal Sean REEVE
    Sergeant Peter THORPE (Para Sigs)

    Royal Tank Regiment

    Corporal Steve ‘Eddy’ EDWARDS – 01 Aug 07
    Sergeant Steven Mark ROBERTS
    Lance Corporal James CARTWRIGHT – 16 Jun 07

    Royal Welsh

    Lance Corporal Christopher HARKETT – 14 Mar 09 (AFG)

    The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters

    Sergeant Craig BRELSFORD
    Private Johan BOTHA
    Private Ben FORD
    Colour Sergeant Phillip NEWMAN
    Lance Corporal Paul "Sandy" SANDFORD
    Private Brian TUNNICLIFFE
    Private Damian WRIGHT
    Drummer Thomas WRIGHT

    The Yorkshire Regiment

    Sergeant Lee JOHNSON
    Corporal Damian Stephen LAWRENCE

    Unknown Units

    Lance Corporal James BATEMAN
    Captain Sean DOLAN
    Lance Corporal Richard LARKIN
    Private Aaron James MCCLURE
    Captain John MCDERMIND
    Paul STOUT
    James THOMPSON


    9 Squadron

    Flight Lieutenant Kevin Barry MAIN
    Flight Lieutenant David Rhys WILLIAMS

    74(F) Squadron

    Flight Lieutenant Euan MURDOCH – 26 Aug 87 (UK)
    Flying Officer Jerry OGG – 26 Aug 87 (UK)

    RAF Regiment

    Leading Aircraftman Martin BEARD – 7 Aug 07
    Senior Aircraftman Christopher BRIDGE
    Senior Aircraftman Matthew CAULWELL – 19 Jul 07
    Senior Aircraftman Christopher DUNSMORE – 19 Jul 07
    Senior Aircraftman Graham LIVINGSTONE

    RAF Movements Controller Logistics

    Cpl Ben CHANDLER – Dec 08

    Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment

    Senior Aircraftman Peter McFERRAN
    Senior Aircraftman Gary THOMPSON

    120 Squadron Royal Air Force

    Flight Sergeant Gary Wayne ANDREWS
    Flight Sergeant Stephen ANDREWS
    Flight Sergeant Stephen BEATTIE – 02 Sep 06
    Flight Sergeant Gerard Martin BELL
    Flight Sergeant Adrian DAVIES
    Flight Lieutenant Steven JOHNSON
    Sergeant Benjamin James KNIGHT
    Sergeant John Joseph LANGTON
    Flight Lieutenant Leigh Anthony MITCHELMORE
    Flight Lieutenant Gareth Rodney NICHOLAS
    Sergeant Gary Paul QUILLIAM
    Flight Lieutenant Allan James SQUIRES
    Flight Lieutenant Steven SWARBRICK

    RAF Lyneham

    Chief Technician Richard BROWN – 30 Jan 05
    Flight Sergeant Mark GIBSON – 30 Jan 05
    Master Engineer Gary NICHOLSON – 30 Jan 05
    Sergeant Robert O’CONNOR – 30 Jan 05
    Flight Lieutenant Paul PARDOEL – 30 Jan 05
    Flight Lieutenant Andrew SMITH – 30 Jan 05
    Flight Lieutenant David STEAD – 30 Jan 05
    Corporal David WILLIAMS – 30 Jan 05

    Strike Command Headquarters

    Squadron Leader Patrick MARSHALL – 30 Jan 05


    Sgt John ROBINSON – 22 Aug 08 (CYP)
  14. *quote*Firstly the MoD does an excellent job of this and one that we cannot match *unquote*

    With regards to the *Names* Thread over on ROMFT

    It is my sad duty to continue to post the names of all military personnel
    who die in the the service of this country - information for that thread
    is from the relevant fact Sheet(s). It is, on the whole, very well respected
    and is a "Read Only* section, and as such does not become (as you say)
    a thread in which all who read reply R.I.P etc.

    I started it out of respect - I shall continue to do so, and I try to do
    the best job I can.

    Rum Ration does not have to "Match" anything, and no-one (repeat)
    no-one would want to click on endless links to YouTube Videos of The
    Last Post every time another member of the Armed Forces is killed in
    the Line of Duty.

    The really sad fact of the matter is - I continue to post the names of
    those who have been killed. We all wish such a list on an Internet Forum
    did not exist.

  15. You don't need to allow people to make comments if you were to have your own wall of honour.

    I'm not saying for you to do one, but if you were to do one, you could have someone who wishes to update it when ever a soul were to be added and only they could do it. They could be pm'd should someone be missed, no comments left there isn't a need for comments, just pure reflection is all that is needed. I think everyone thinks the same thing when another life is taken.

    Like I said I'm not suggesting you should do it, but that's what I'd do if it was up to me

    Edited as this was a response to Good CO's post which dissappeared after I pressed post
  16. No of course it doesn't have to 'match' anything. My feeling, and it is no more than that, is that I would not want to be on here if I were killed. The MoD page is respectful and complete. Like I said though, if there's lots of support, let me know and it will happen.
  17. Yes I posted badly - I was looking at some comments that I found through that facebook page under a video, which were frankly awful. However they weren't on the page itself. Everything I saw on there was (in my opinion) appropriate and I wouldn't want to criticise.
  18. I did wonder what happened lol
  19. It is just a suggestion and if it were to come into being I think it should encompass all. As it stands at the moment there are often double postings I feel that a dedicated thread would solve this.
  20. All those who have posted though it is hardly a groundswell seem to be in favour so should we ask for a dedicated thread, or not?

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