Can i join the royal navy with a criminal record.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Mel, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. Mel


    Im lookimg to join the royal navy hopefully something in engineering.although i do have a few convictions for assault,criminal damage,Section 4. Althhough this was some years ago approx 3 6months ago. Something i deeply regret happening but hey we all make mistakes that we regret. I was fined and community service aswell as haveing the sentence suspended. It is something i know isnt going to look great but do tthey accept remorse and take into consideration people do change. I would really appreciate your advice.

  2. This is a bite, right? You have searched this topic, right? If you think this is harsh, wait until the rest of them wake up and join in.
  3. Mel


    Any chance of a positive bit of advice or is this not a forum?
  4. Mel

    Which offences did you commit and when? You mention that you have "a few convictions".
  5. I think you might be screwed for a little while mate. Our resident policeman may be along in a bit though to give you the exact rules.
  6. Mel


    It was the 3 above the section 4 was originally affray but lowered to section 4, i did forget to mention thhat i do have a levels and gcse results all of a high standard and a cv with 2 jobs working for law firms. Is this something that would be taken into acount ?. I have never been aressted for drugs, fraud or any sexual offences which i see as serious offences.
  7. --and when?--
  8. You have no chance. We are in the fortunate position of not having to rely on the dregs of society to swell our ranks anymore. There's no reason why you shouldn't have a long and illustrious career working in the stockroom of Sports Direct though.

    If you don't see your convictions as serious then that says as much about you as having them does.
    Now go find me some size 9 Adidas Copa Mondial.
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  9. So you don't see assault and affray as serious!!!! Mmmmmmm, perceptions I suppose.

    A levels and GCSE's! Even educated people can be crims!

    I suppose you could always cry rehabilitation of offenders!
  10. Mel


    The date of the offences when prosecuted ? Im not to sure on specific dates. I understand from looking at threads that you can speak to the data protection people or ask for some form of copy from the police station ?
  11. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    He could also untaint the submariners forum with his filty hoof, while hes reading Mel his rights.
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  12. Told you! :happy1:
  13. Mel


    As i said i regret the offences, not that i said i dont see them as not serious because i do and i wouldnt be in this position of posting threads and getting negative advice from what seems some bitter people . Wife leave you and take the kids ? Or bullied as a child ? Got to be one of them.
  14. I say again - have you used the search button?
  15. Arf arf we all take the piss out of suckers like you..cos it's fun and we do it with a big grin on our faces...not bitter at all.
  16. Mel


    Havent as of yet new to the site as of 30 minutes ago, just looking for some advice really not that im going to get anything positive.
  17. Mel


    From behind a keyboard and computer screen in your bedroom in your mum and dads house. Cheers.
  18. Are you typing pissed?...I take it your A levels were in ancient Hebrew tapestry, cos it ceratinly wasn't English Language.
  19. Mel


    From an ipad typing isnt great on touch screen, should get a wireles keyboard maybe. Cheers again though.
  20. Are you getting punchy again? Now we know how your little temper problem ended last time don't we?
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