can i join the reserves while awaiting a start date

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by wil5924, Jan 31, 2010.

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  1. I am currently in the process of joing the royal navy.i have passed all my interview,medical,pjft and security careers adviser has informed me that it will be at least a 9 month wait.I was just wondering whether it is possible for me to join the reserves in the mean time and how would i go about this.would i have to do another application and interview or would the one i have done for the full time navy be sufficient.Thanks in advance for your help. :lol:
  2. You can, as Chris has done it. Have a search for Chrisj09 and PM him.
  3. You can; but what do you imagine you will get out of it? Anything you do RNR wise in those 9 months will just be repeated on arrival at Raleigh for your regular training. I can see why you'd think it'd give you an insight but this would probably be pretty limited.
  4. i just want to join as i am eager to join the royal navy and also i have a lot of free time on my hands.will i have to fill in another application or do i just inform my careers adviser that i want to join.
  5. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    I know I'll be unpopular saying this, but please dont join us. If you've got less than 9 months, we will get absolutely no operational role out of you, and your presence will drain pay and T&S budgets at a point when they are stretched thinner than ever. In other words, we'll spend quite a bit of money for absolutely no return at all, but you get to feel good because you can dress up in uniform early.

    I would only advocate joining prior to being a regular if you have at least 2 years to spare, as anything less than that means you wont experience the real RNR (as in anything outside training environment), and we'll waste time and money on you. We'd only see a return in 10-15 years time if you made it to a position where you could influence RNR personnel posting or careers.

    My advice is to go and help out at your local sea cadets - they are desperate for volunteers, and you'll be quickly able to do something that makes a real difference to society.
  6. I have been told to join the rnr by my Ca because of how long i have to wait for ws(24months). my question is how long would my training and that be for the rnr and would i go on operations in this time?
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    For my part I can fully understand where Purple Twiglet is coming from with regard the RNR (certainly joining the RNR for less than 12 months is pointless), however my own thoughts (not necessarily those of the service) are that the RNR is significantly undermanned and whilst it would be marvelous to only take those intending to stay in the RNR a compromise would be a good stop-gap. The T&S budget is supposed to cover targeted numbers as well as actual.

    As a recruiter we have to process a much larger volume of individuals for the Reserves (RNR & RMR) with a huge amount of wasted time, money & effort in relation to regular service applicants because a significant number of reservists fail to join the trained strength for a plethora of reasons. Neither the Reservist nor the Reserves are necessarily to blame, it's just the nature of part time service.

    The problem as I see it, again just my tuppence, is that regular recruits are being lost because the waiting time to join is too long. Logically the Ratings Preparation Courses (RPCs) should be allocated to those with a long wait to join to keep them interested, but unfortunately logic doesn't enter the equation & only those with allocated entry dates are being booked onto RPCs.

    To my mind, and whilst fully accepted it's not ideal, the shortfall in numbers of RNR personnel could be temporarily increased by those waiting over 12 months to join the regular RN. Not ideal, but a transient trained membership is better than none and if you cope without the manpower, then you don't need the manpower - standby for cuts. The Reserve forces are there to augment the trained strength of the regular service- not to look after their own T&S budget. Who knows? Maybe the "temporary" reservists may find full time civilian employment & stay with the Reserves rather than join the regulars?

    Either that or the regular RN needs to look at Short Service Engagements again because sure as eggs is eggs, once the economy picks-up, we'll lose people - not just those wishing to join but those currently serving.
  8. In the past i've never been one to stick up for the reservist, well not on here to say the least but "time make thee a changed.." blah blah blah

    I may know a few NE's who are up to speed with their medicals, security checks, running tests etc. who are currently at a stage to proceed with their phase 1 training at Raleigh, but aren't able to do so due to February slots being taken up, meaning them having to wait till end of Nov. to commence with their training.

    Now i'm no expert but if some current training places are being given to recruits who have no intention of being mobilised and have joined up just to fill up their time while waiting to join the regulars, then that is a waste of funds and a waste of a place that could have gone to an RNR applicant who has every intention of staying into said reserve service, and that is not taking into consideration the limited time slots that are available to an average training recruit and the impact this could have on the time they reach trained strength on their eventual branch choice.
  9. Couldn't agree more. (With NS)

    Last Thurs we had about 50 or so potential RNR recruits attend a presentation evening, all of whom it seems were an 'overspill' from the local AFCO, who had been recently told to expect a waiting period from 12 to 36 months.

    From RN POV, these potential's need to be kept interested. (Quite rightly)
    From RNR POV, we need numbers (It gives us prominance if nowt else)

    Now here comes the pay off;
    I'm told the RN/RNR will be undergoing a Armed Forces review in the near future. This usually means cuts.
    Like most cuts they take place over a period of time. If we (the RNR) cut numbers through 'giving' these potentials to the regular RN over the next couple of years a balance is achieved....
    (Create your own 'natural wastage' - something my civvie employers are becoming good at)

    Anyway, imagine the Q at the bar on drill nights...!!
  10. Would it be possible to work out a compromise here??

    The RNR don't really want to take people for a short time as it takes up valuable places and associated resources. They believe they won't get a good return of service for the investment.

    The RN is overborne with applicants but may struggle to keep them interested once the economy picks up. This will potentially be made worse by all those future notice-givers who are waiting for the grass on the other side to get greener.

    Why don't we create some form of unpaid RNVR - a sort of Sea Cadets for adults waiting for regular entry, or long term RNAC/RPC. This would give the recruits waiting for their start date some useful pre-entry preparation and maintain their interest while waiting without them becoming a drain on the RNRs limited resources.

    If this was run alongside current RNR training it would also serve the purpose of giving the future regulars an excellent appreciation of the committment of their RNR colleagues.

    Just my thoughts!!!
  11. Good idea TC; essentially allowing those waiting to join the opportunity to attend RNR training, unpaid and without liability? I'm sure any costs of RNR instructors would be worthwhile, and manageable.
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    My thoughts exactly. In addition Budgets that aren't reached are reduced or re-allocated.

    Yep, the URNUs often operate an "Honourary or Associate membership" very similar to this for those keen to join but missed the cut for that entry.

    It's just a shame that the policy makers are too busy thinking up innovative branch titles for logisticians at present to be addressing such "trivia". :wink:
  13. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Totally agree with NS - I've no issue with people joining if they know they're going in in a couple of years - but less than this time doesnt really achieve anything.

    The unpaid idea is a good one, but why not just do the sea cadets as an Adult Instructor rather than messing around with unpaid work? Saves a lot of hassle and really helps give something back to society?
  14. pt how would you go about going in as a sea cadets instructor?
  15. I think full timers joining the RNR beforehand is a great idea. The RNR benefits directly from this as more full timers hear the RNR mentioned and the person is more likely to consider the RNR on leaving full-time.

    As for suggestions that these people are drains on our resources, I think any potential increase in ex-RN joining RNR gives us an immediate payback in capability that we didn't have and couldn't gain thru RNR only personnel - many are capable of assuming a training role straight off the bat.

    The other way to look at it is how many people going full time and giving us a year or two are there - not too many, certainly to be compared with the number of people I have personally seen 1) drop out before going to Raleigh 2) drop out soon after Raleigh or 3) stay longer but not complete their initial 5 years or deploy.

    And here's an idea for SO2Seaman - I wonder can the peeps giving resettlement advice get more of a word in for the RNR? They may or may not be mentioning us, but even if they are, they could be advising on the kind of thing we need more of - just off the top of my head but for example if some fella has a few months to go and has the chance of one or more of the kind of courses that RNR peeps find hard to get on or too long for their holidays, there's even more value in it for the RNR if they get someone pre-qualified in those areas - and they don't even have to fund it! The bean counter's dream.
  16. Loads of interesting points, some that will fly, and some that won't.

    I am led to belive that CMR has formally approached the Regular Manpower Guys n Girls with a request to "plug the RNR" for those about to leave full time service.

    As for joining the RNR whilst waiting for a Regular slot, as far as I'm concerned, (from a deliver of OC to the Fleet), I welcome such applicants, because:
    1. They may decide not to join the RN, and we have "captured" an otherwise "lost" recruit.
    2. Often these personnel have time on thier hands, and if they can "fly" through the courses, 3 years of RNR training can be done much sooner, and I may even get a deployment out of them!
    3. If all else fails, and they join the RN, then the flag of the RNR will be waived by them!

    Cheers (and the weather in Islamabad is bloomin hot! - name dropper!)

    Yours Aye

  17. Before i come across as a grumpy, whining old git...

    For the Newbies..
    Not too long ago if someone said they wanted to join the reserves while waiting to get into the regulars, i would have thought that that would have been a great idea, and now if a small number of people want to do this then i don't see a problem with that or it having a major impact on the reserves funds.
    Now every person who walks through the door of their recruitment office, is looking at a long waiting period and you are also faced with large numbers of recruits who are dealing with long waiting periods for their anticipated dates for Raleigh.
    Some of these applicants may choose to go join the reserves, again i think it's great if someone chooses to do this, it gives them some insight into drills and would hopefully keep them motivated to want to continue to join the regulars if stuck with a long waiting period.
    That said if a large number go off and attend a unit i can only imagine that that number would continuously increase with each new intake (which is not far from what i've seen) and if that's the case how much of a financial burden will this be on the whole of the reserves over a period of time, because in theory they would be investing money in people who they eventually won't be getting much out of.
    My advice is if you've got around 6 months don't even consider it. If you feel that you need it, you wan't to do it and it will benefit you in the long run, would need the help to keep you motivated because you had a long period to wait (but if that was the reason for joining,i would question your commitment)
    and if you could put something back into your unit in return, then go for it.
    Now i can sleep.
  18. I've just been informed by a good friend in the Yorkshire area of the RNR that they had a large number of regular applicants turn up at the RNR presentation evening when their recruiting officer and the AFCO got together and thought it was a good idea.

    They have since been told (within a week I might add!), by DNR, that they are not to allow RN applicants to join the RNR.

    I can only suggest that this is due a fear of the RN loosing said applicants to the RNR.

    I'm sure someone from Ceres can confirm?? Where's Trehorn??!
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Although not from the same area, I can confirm that the national policy is not to encourage potential joiners for Regular service from joining the Reserves whilst they wait to join full time.
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