Can I join the recce platoon even though I wear glasses?

Hi again guys. I've decided to stop mucking about now. I have a real question. I am joining the Marines soon and am hopefully going to specialise in reconaisance. However, I wear glasses due to short sightedness. I guess that if I lost my glasses I woul;dn't be able to count how many enemy there were on the horizon or get a detailed view of what they were up to as I watched from afar.

that said, I bet they give you a telescope to aid vision. Also, I am extremely good at stealth ameuvers. I practice at home and have copied my moves of Splinter Cell on the XBox 360. I can move silently and creep up on people without them knowing I;m there. I know hw to ascend and descend a flight of stairs without making them creak, how execute stealth kills with melee weapons and I know how to walk silently by putting a pair of socks over your shoes to muffle the sound.

Am I the right material for recce platoon then?
Spartan said:
Well there is no need to be so mean and nasty.
Stop being a cnut then.

It was funny the first time around but its getting boring now. Ask a serious question and you will get a serious answer. Act like dick and you will get treated like one.

Spartan said:
that said, I bet they give you a telescope to aid vision.
Not just that my fine young man, they also give you a green lidded combat labrador for when your eyesight inevitably fails due to constant self abuse. Failing that they'll rig you up with a white stick and you can clear the minefields.

Welcome aboard shipmate, we always need organ donors like yourself!
The_Wonderer said:
:laughing1: :laughing2: :laughing3:

Spartan you crack me up!

Please change your avatar back to the one with the headband its "the bomb" you soft [email protected]: :laughing6:

btw, wer'nt you a member of East 17 ?
He was but they kicked him out for having such a soft cock background, they were real geezers mate.
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