can I join the fleet air arm with asthma?

I'm 16 and looking for a career in the Fleet air arm ( a pilot specifically) . I was diagnosed at the age of 2 and haven't had a proper "asthma attack". Im well over the 4 year barrier and was wondering if Im still legible to join?
all I can say is, make sure your parent(s) isn't getting you a repeat prescription for any inhalers as this is classed as treatment and still having symptoms
For the RAF any past experience with asthma is a bar from entry into aircrew, i'm not sure how this compares with FAA regulations though, but I imagine they're quite similar medically wise.

I'm sure that one of the Recruiting guys or Docs will be along later and will answer your question, so look out for a reply later on.
Normally any previous Asthma attacks, diagnosis or medication will ormally bar you from entry as aircrew. Any Asthma attacks or medication within the last 4 years will bar you from entry into the RN full stop


Neil - Supermario

Eurofight - you could be up against it with that one mate. Keep looking on here eventually some one will tell you deffo. There is also PPrune the pilots website you could ask on there.
Lot of young guys try to get in the mob you know Euro, all I saying is it isnt the be all and end all of life even as a pilot. (wish I had had the brains to realise that years ago) - if you get knocked back dont be to downhearted, at 16 the world is your oyster mate.
Take care, Nostris.

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