Can I have my own civillian GP?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Sickofgrunters, Apr 27, 2010.

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  1. As the thread says. Do any medics/ police out there know of any reason or naval law etc as to why I can't go and register with a civvy doc?

    One- to have the convenience of not having to go to the docs in rig on days off, two- not to feel like a fuck1ng child in front of some red arse obnoxious doc, three- discuss things actually in confidence? Any thoughts.
  2. Your GP surgery might not take you on as you are a serviceman. You've obviously got an axe to grind through a bad experience. AngryDoc will probably have something to say on the subject.

    You don't have to attend sickbay "in rig" on your day off.
  3. The problem with this is that you'll have to register with a NHS practice and, assuming they are accepting new patients, they wouldn't accept you as you don't really belong to a Primary Care Trust.

    Your answer may be in here: NHS Military

    How would registering with a civilian practice work if you were deployed? Would you accept being seen by RN medical staff in this case as you would be unable to access a NHS practice.

    Also bear in mind that the mob provides treatment over and above the level of the NHS in many cases since it's in the RN's interests for you to be fit and healthy. With the NHS you'll get a certain level of care if you really need it and you may have to wait a while.

    To be honest, it's one of those "Life in a blue suit" issues. If you want to be in the RN, then you accept military medical care.
  4. And if you can find a civvy doc that wont make you feel the same then you have done very well.
  5. As Drakey has said, there is an axe-grinding issue here so not sure whether you want my advice or not.

    The problem with having a civvy GP as well as those in the RN is that you will have 2 sets of notes, be referred to separate hospitals, etc - and your civvy GP cannot provide the occupational health that you will require. If the civvy picks something up then you will have to bring it to the attention of Naval Medical Services and there will be issues at that stage.

    Everything you say to a Naval MO is in confidence - the only bits of your records which are 'Staff' instead of 'Medical' are your vaccination status and medical category. Naval MOs, like all UK doctors registered with the GMC, cannot divulge further without your consent. The only exception to this is at sea - the Captain has to know everything and has a right to know. That is a bit strange, but I'm sure you can see the reason for it.

    You won't believe me, but the medical care provided to those in the forces is much better to that in the NHS - several reports confirm this. Just because you have had a run in with a doc doesn't mean we're all the same!

    Incidentally, base ports and most establishments have CMPs - Civilian Medical Practitioners - civvy GPs employed by Pusser to see patients.

    In summary, you are not entitled to routine NHS primary care (emergencies are ok). If you develop some condition or other then you will have to let us know anyway (to do otherwise would be, frankly, a bit stupid and also against Naval (now Military) law).
  6. Could he not see a civvy doctor for the chip on his shoulder though?
  7. Only if he has the right post code
  8. :laughing3: :lol:
  9. Nobody reads your docs in the NHS....only the peeps who find the records on your local dump, or mislaid data disc
  10. I'm a doctor.

    And I prescribe some minerals.

    Man up.
  11. Slip the SBA a few notes and go 'Private'?
  12. He has a point about the confidentiality - or lack thereoff. Ever noticed how you always know who's squeezing when you're on deployment?
  13. That's because he/she is seen by MA's, not Docs and most people front up especially when they appear with the meds in their hands and don't drink
  14. That's because he/she is seen by MA's, not Docs and most people front up especially when they appear with the meds in their hands and don't drink
  15. And yes she is a she!
  16. And when they're standing out side the sickbay door waiting for fresh cases :lol:
  17. My civvie Surgery.... Bunch of jumped-up jobsworths on reception with more stopping power than the guards at Coulport, Fas. When eventually seen, Doctor has umpteen thousands of patients on his books, and regards anything that may be wrong with you as potential profit for his business and drug suppliers.

    Recent RNR treatment with RN Doc.... superb treatment by a non profit making org. Follow up included regular physio when I actually needed it.

    However, on deployment the RN wouldn't prescribe the same drugs as my GP due to cost implications..?! Thought that a little strange.
  18. That is ******* bollox... MA's are bound by the same rules of confidentiality... They will be proper fucked if they break confidentiality... same as anyone else involved in your care.

    As for squeezing... i haven't seen a dose of the pox in my bay for at least 10 years... especially as there are really good clinics that you just go to and don't have to mention to your medical staff about.

    Civvy GP practices not only have far more patients than the military ones, they are well over subscribed... the only reason I would go to one is if I were on leave and no where near a military one.

    You people don't actually give a shit about the Medics on board until one of you injures himself being a prick whilst pissed (even at sea) or (and this is rare) someone is actually ill and not trying to skive off... I'd stop there pay and charge them prescription charges like in the real world

    All this rubbish from people who think they're warriors... stop spinning shit dits and put in for affers... you've got **** all on the booties or the army... and i am a matelot!
  19. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    When I turn to in the morning, I'm going to seek out the nearest scab lifter and give him/her a big hug. Clearly a underappreciated branch.
  20. "Not drinking your Issue shippers?"

    "No" "I'll have an orange juice" :D

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