Can I have my first On Line rant?


Hello all,

I’m new to the forum so can I start with a rant please? I will anyway.

I joined the RN in 1965 at the tender age of 15. The very last entry of boys at HMS St Vincent. Looking back, the 12 years service I had were the best years of my life. Albeit, through rose coloured glasses now.

What has happened to the RN in the intervening years? It has been reduced to the size of a banana republics fleet. This of course is all the fault of the House of Smoke and Mirrors. They seem Hell bent on destroying anything and everything that was good and great in this country. And yes, I mean this country as a whole. That’s another thing that has gotten right up my nose. The division of the United Kingdom. It may not suit a lot of people, but I didn’t vote for splitting. I was quite happy to be a Scot first and foremost but also a citizen of the UK. After all, I joined the UK Royal Navy. Not the Independent Navy of Scotland. It hacks me off big time that they are still waffling on about independence. I do not want it.

Another thing that is ticking me off quite severely is this idea from bloody Brussels to replace the Red Ensign with the Stars of the EU. Sod them. They are just as bad, if not worse, than Tony’s hit men and her.

Then of course what has happened to our great and good country. We have been overrun with illegal immigrants, asylum seekers, and single parents and bloody ne’er do wells. I work bloody hard in my job offshore. A shift of 14 – 15 hours is not out of the norm. With that I pay a huge wad to the Taxman and where does it all go to……bloody Travellers, ASBO bejewelled yobs and bloody immigrants who are out to milk MY country of everything that they can get their greedy little mitts on. Put nothing in to the system, but take everything out for a few years and then sod off back to where they came from to live the life of Riley. Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with the people who come to MY country who work hard and pay their dues. It’s these other scroungers that get up my nose. And what do the ‘Democratically Elected Peoples Representatives ‘do. Why, tax us even more so that they can get their money. I am ashamed to admit that he is a fellow Jock.

And the final rant. These bloody prisoners who are getting a handout because they have to slop out. Who amongst us didn’t live aboard in dry dock and there were no heads available. The duty whoever had to empty the piss pails in the morning from a mess deck of people? Not just your own little potty. And if some dirty bar steward decided he didn’t want to go ashore for a number 2, you had that to empty also. Do you think I could sue the Admiralty / Government now?? I do get flashbacks.

Rants over. And no! I do not feel better. Worse in fact. I’d better go and lie down and take my medicine.
Excellent rant! Makes more sense than most of our politicians. Would consider coming to the States and running for President? I'll vote for you.


War Hero
Grape_Shot said:
Excellent rant! Makes more sense than most of our politicians. Would consider coming to the States and running for President? I'll vote for you.
Problem is that the majority allegedly voted for Bush last time. When all is said & done the presidency is not really a contested post.