Can I get a Veterans Oyster photocard?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by REDMIST, Aug 26, 2012.

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  1. They should scrap the entire scheme. London doesn't accept any OAP travel cards except those issued by London transport. Yet when they come on holiday they expect to use their cards for free travel in the sticks. Cockney gits!
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Devon didn't allow a Scots travel card from one of the lads at the DTS either.
  3. tam


    Are there any Cockney's left in London?
  4. London Buses accept any old farts bus pass issued by any English authority.
    They do not accept either Welsh or Scots passes, (nor do other English bus companies) though to be fair the Taffs & Jocks do not allow English old farts to travel free on their buses.

    Bout time a UK old farts bus pass was brought in, if only to stop the divisive nature of the current system.
  5. How about the underground though. Didn't allow my pass
  6. [h=2]How much do I save with a Veterans Oyster photocard?[/h]
    • Travel free at any time by bus, Tube, DLR, tram, London Overground and some National Rail services (see Veterans Concessionary Travel Scheme map)
    • Travel on all National Rail services in London free from 9:30, Monday to Friday, and at all times at weekends and public holidays
    • Get discounts on some river services
    • Take up to four under-11s with you free on the Tube, DLR or London Overground
  7. When I drove a bus for Arriva, you could have flashed a fuckin library card at me and got on. Did I give a shit?
    Did Arriva give a shit about me? I think not.
    As most bus drivers are preoccupied with doing two jobs as well as trying to pull out (when every twat on the road does not want a bus in front and shows this) it does tend to put you in the frame of mind comparable to just before the act of suicide.
    But urban legend dictates it's always the bus drivers fault so hey ho.
    Surviving a shift as a bus driver is IMHO deserving of a a BEM. All car drivers should be made to drive a bus/heavy goods wagon (minimum class 2 with drag ) for a least a year before they open their mouths about bus/wagon drivers. They then might talk with an educated perspective on the subject.
    And NO I don't like fuckin buses in front of me.
  8. I think a vetrans Oyster Card id only available if there's an "r" in the month.
  9. Thanks for helping me get to work on time buddy :) <3

  10. I make a point of visiting the Mussel Inn for a treat when I am in Glasgow or Edinburgh.
  11. It's better than going "Roe" ing^^
  12. I got one of these cards last year
    Form is easy to fill in only asks for you NI Number and your address, then you need to add a copy of your yearly statement from the War Pensions the card was issued within two weeks of applying

    First call - 0845 331 9872 and ask for an application form this is the only way you can a form.
    Some other notes on who can apply
    1.The eligibility criteria for the VCTS are agreed with the Ministry of Defence.
    2.To be eligible for the VCTS, you must be the named recepient of an ongoing pension or guaranteed income payment under the United Kingdom's War Pensions Scheme or Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. You must not be in receipt of an equivalent concession such as a Freedom Pass issued by a London borough.
    3.TfL may check the eligibility of applicants for the VCTS with the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA).
    4.You do not need to be resident in the UK to be eligible for the scheme.
  13. I knew I shouldn't have sold my "Hurt" certificate.
    I could have pushed it as they later went on to hurt me again.
    MY FEELINGS.:lol:
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  14. Ah cummon Rummers ... when di you ever have feelings .... unless it was with that nurse behind the bike sheds???
  15. Ah that nurse...well yes I did get hard with a micro second, trouble is thats how long it took her to utter those words that I carry in my heart today.................

    **** off.
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