Can I change my role choice after the RT test?

I have initially applied for Supply Chain Logistician as that requires no qualifications. But, after reading my UCAS points and my overall qualifications, I might be eligible for Logistics Officer.

If I get a decent score at the RT test, can I change my chosen role to a higher one of that? And, what is the average waiting time through and after recruitment for an officer role? Or, is there something else I am missing that might prevent me from eligibility? Or maybe I can join as a graduate of some sort?
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I've heard that the AFCO only mark your test based on what role you initially said you wanted - so if the new role, logistics officer in this case, has a higher requirement, you'd have to redo the test.

But I don't know for sure - just what I've heard from other threads here.

Ninja_Stoker will know for sure, perhaps some other people can also provide a confident answer.

Edit: all wrong. I learned something too!
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Your RT score results are not role specific, you'll be told if you've got the score for your chosen role, if not, what roles are available. If your scores are higher you'll be told what roles you're eligible for.
Okay. Another question I must ask is: Do they accept equivalent qualifications? For example, I do not have a Maths GCSE but I gained a Level 2 equivalent "Application of Number" qualification in college.


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I'm more concerned that your initial research didn't indicate that you were eligible for LO. I'd expect an officer candidate to have shown enough initiative to have discovered this before RT. Do you understand the differences in the roles and does the leadership/management element of being an officer appeal to you? A lot of candidates appear to have gold rings in their eyes rather than an appreciation of the roles.

Rant over. I have a sad on with junior officers at the moment which might be clouding my judgement! :rolleyes:
Logistics Officer caught my eye before any other role. But, I think I just tend to understate my achievements and the one thing that held me back was not having a GCSE in Maths but I have an equivalent qualification that I did after school.

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