Can i become a deck officer without cadetship?

Discussion in 'RFA' started by speedwheels96, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. I did not get B grades in English and Maths. This means i'm not qualified for the RFA cadetship course. However there was another way i can be deck officer as well.

    They haven't listed any requirements other than the qualifications you will recieve after training:
    RFA Deck Officer |Royal Navy

    If i cannot become an officer, am i able to join as a raiting and build my way up to an officer rank?£16,000 is pretty bad pay.

    Thank you.

    EDIT: I plan on joining next year when I'm almost 18.
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  2. If you don't join the RFA as a Deck Cadet then you can only join direct as an Officer if you allready have a Cerificate of Competency: Officer Of the Watch (unlimeted) from the MCA, i.e are already a Merchant Navy deck officer.You can join as a rating and go RTO (rating to officer) but this is not guarnteed and requirees a fair few deployments and a pass at AIB. Also telling the deckies that you only joined to be an offcier would not go down well so if you do take that route dont presume anything and keep it under your hat!£16,000 is a damn good wage for a lot of people especially as you wanted to be a deck cadet where you only get around £12,000 and a couple of grand RFA Allowance.But I would recommend giving it a go, if you want to be in the RFA then go for it, they are strating to recruit in some branches for ratings soon, if I was to go rating I would go comms so look into that one. Although your limited to 2/O in promotion prospects and you wont be a deck officer.Good luck
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  3. Thanks for the response! also what do you mean "go comms" and "2/O" promotions?

    As a raiting the starting pay is £16,000. Does the pay improve over the years? I plan on staying in the RFA for 10 or so years.
  4. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Maths and English are pretty important skills for a deck officer whatever route you take. Some commercial companies will take cadets with grade C in maths but maths for engineer cadets and deck cadets only gets harder. Achieving a B makes the next bit easier.

    £16000 a bad wage? You're 16, how much do you currently earn?
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  5. It's a bad wage long for a long term career. I don't know the pay rates it goes up in, they don't have it in the MoD website.
  6. £16000 a good wage?
    many are getting far more on Benefits:sad1:
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  7. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    The MoD site says 'starting' and add the RFA Allowance so make that £19k paid to someone who is learning the ropes ( pun intended). The use of the word 'starting' suggests to me that there is more later. There is but I don't know how much. promotion will bring increases.
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  8. Sorry, comms is the communications branch, they deal with, well communications, but its between different NATO warships, back to the UK etc they do Morse code and flags, they deal with stop secret and sneaky beaky stuff and spend most of their time on the bridge. It is also the only branch in the RFA that only recruits officers from ratings rather than direct entry, with the helicopter controller job going to comms in the near future it’s a good branch.2/0 is a two stripe rank, lieutenant equivalent (Don’t shout at me it’s in the front of Janes lol), there are no higher comms ranks that 2/O so promotion prospects are a little limited.If you have 2 years why not re-do gcse maths and science and smash out an A? One of my oppos joined at 18 with nothing more than gcses, by the time he is my age he will be a 1/O (lieutenant -commander equivalent) on about 50 odd grand so look at your options.I’m a deck officer cadet and I love it. Worth putting the work in I promise.
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  9. Where to start?
    if you go RTO then you would need more or less the same qualifications as a cadet, you still have to pass through roughly the same hoops as a cadet to get your CoC. The main difference is you will already have gained enough sea time, you still require watch keeping time though.

    wage's; all I will say is its not uncommon for the watch keepers (deck ratings) to be on more money then the officer of the watch/day. (Dont mention the cheese board)

    My advise is simply redo your GCSEs and then apply. There is so much competition that your chances will be greatly improved if you show what lengths you can and will go to for a job with the RFA.
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