Can I be discharged for this?

I am in training, phase 2. I'm being bullied and to prove it I used an audio recorder to record what was being said to me all the time. I reported the actions to my authorities, and told them I recorded audio. Is that a dischargeable offence? It is the only way to prove what's happened.


I hope the ******** gets the book thrown at him! Im currently in Phase 2 in Collingwood and most of the lads are pretty decent. Hope it all sorts out for you!


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The service adopts a zero tolerance policy to bullying, and rightly so.

As long as the evidence is balanced & the alleged aggressor was not first provoked and then recorded responding to an unrecorded jibe, there are witnesses, etc., then it is reasonable to assume disciplinary action will befall the bully.
Thank you, Ninja. I appreciate your reply. The individual wasn't provoked in any way at all. I've had consistent issues with this person for a while. I have taken him aside on so many occasions pleading for him to stop, but no luck. Thanks again, appreciate your time.


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If you can wait, try and build up a portfolio of evidence, I'd suggest. As those above say, it must be unprovoked and the remarks you've got taped must not be able to be taken out of context, as Ninja says. If it is ongoing and continuous, then they won't be able to argue its a single bit of 'harmless fun' taken out of context. Remember the key phrase is to ask yourself 'has my dignity been offended'. You don't say whether its an instructor of fellow student but it does not matter. The Divisional system is here to help.
Ensure your Divisional Officer is aware of any grievance you have towards said individual.
also, if you wanted to, talk to an instructor you know who can offer advice, guidance, friendly ear

the RN rightly adopts an absolute zero tolerance on this matter
Every shore establishment has an E&D advisor (normally an officer) plus a team of E&D qualled SR's.

There should be posters up showing who they are and where, there's also a hotline number on the poster if you feel the local E&D team aren't addressing the problem.
If you feel you aren't getting adequate support from your unit you can raise it through the service complaints commissioner. Its a civilian organisation which will not conduct any investigation but will ensure things are being taken seriously and provide some oversight to the process. Going through them however can extend the length of time it takes to solve the issues and should be used as a last resort if putting in a formal complaint. Regardless you should talk to your EDA who can give you impartial advice and provided there is no breach of law are confidential.
Thank you everyone for your support. It is clear from replies that bullying really isn't tolerated. I appreciate all your replies and the time taken behind them. Let's hope this is all sorted in the imminent week ahead.

Take care

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