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Can anyone tell me???

I am not young but I am trusting. Maybe too much, but I just wanted some answers and support, not backlash, so for those I offended with my bad language, I apologize.
If you 'are' genuine Pamspace, then you are being wound up by your BF me dear.

What is the email address of your BF by the way. That will tell us which ship he is on by the way?!?!
If you aren't winding us up, then your bf is definitely winding you up.


If you are winding us up then I reckon you were formerly known on this site as American_Pride
Has he given you a postal address before? If so we could tell what ship he is on by his BFPO address.

Like brigham said it is also possible to tell from the email address.
There is no British Royal Navy it is known throughout the world as the Royal Navy, and i think youve been had or we have. My God this thread is turning into ?? ?
The only way I can communicate with him is via email and the email addresses his has is yahoo and gmail. I told him I wanted to write him a letter and I don't have a P.O. box to write him.

I think i've been duped and feel stupid.
I see no reference to British Royal Navy but anyway that's beside the point.

I'm afraid you have been severely duped.

1) He is available at weekends. If he was out in Iran he would not be doing a 9-5 Monday to Friday. The only RN operations that I know of anywhere near Iranian soil are the RN Training Team and they are a) not operating in Iran and b) unarmed. You sure he's not an RN reservist, if anything?
2) There is no such ship that he mentioned.
3) A crew of 123 is a made up number.
4) He can't be on some secret submarine mission either because the crew cannot telephone or email from a submarine.

Has he ever sent you any pics of him in uniform, or his ship..?

Sounds like you already had your suspicions?

Don't feel too bad, it is hard for a woman to resist a Matelot, even a pretend one.

And you can out him and feel better, name and shame him, if you feel up to it, I'm sure some booties would enjoy talking to him if he's pretending to be a Royal Marine.

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