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Can anyone tell me???

SAM_The_Man_Dicosta said:
Wot is all the fuzz aboit,,,, oil oi want to to eez meat some noice laydeez and have some deener,

I am away on seakret meesion but will chat when eye cahn,,,

Welcome aboard Sam

Great one, now own up, who is it?
Didn't quite get the illiterate level down.
I likeie the look of you ladie,,, would yoo like too go out with dinner for me! you are very pretty,, have a look at me on my 360 site,,, you will fall in love with me too!
Thnk Que exploding blamonghe,,, wellcum to yoo too,, you all seem a nice bunch of sailor boys in here,,, I too am sailor boy,,, but I cannot tell you too much as I am away on ship in Iran.

BTW, am I number 1 on google yet ???

Pam,,, S**t, Feck,,, errr,, Sam,,, yeah,, this is Sam,,, not Pam,,,,,I don't even know a Pam,,,, I know a Palm tho',,, five friends she has,,, good friends with mee too
rosinacarley said:

Thought you had all seen this?

Well, well Rosina. I can see now why the PO Stoker's jaw dropped when you first met him at Raleigh. Despite walking on the wrong side of the road, I must say, you look very stunning. My jaw almost smashed the keys on my computer keyboard!

Steve. :D
SAM_The_Man_Dicosta said:
eyeve just notissed my login sez eye am a Midshipman,,,,

I'm not,,, I'm a Captain in the BRN,,, intelliegnce away in iran

Welcome aboard Sir! We're honoured to have you amongst us. Another real sailor too. Bloody hell, I'm outnumbered! 8O

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