Can anyone tell me???


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My bf is in the BRN and says he has just been sent to an attack and I am worried sick about him because I don't know the name of ship he's on (he says he can't tell me ) and all I know is that it's in Iran. Is there anyone that knows about this mission? I'm just worried and want someone to talk to about this.

Thanks so much!


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I understand that you have to be careful about it. Can I ask you something? are you allowed to make phone calls or take pictures of each other during a mission? he says it isn't allowed.
I would not want to print my cynical masculine view for fear of upsetting you.
DQ's is Detention Quarters where you get sent for being a naughty boy.

Also worth looking up in Jack Speak (the book) is "Sea Wife"


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pamspace1 said:
What is DQ's
Detention Quarters, aka prison :)

pamspace1 said:
... and it doesn't make sense to me that he wouldn't try to contact me if he could. Especially since we talk to so much everyday..
pamspace1 said:
I'm sure he would contact me if he could..we talk everyday for hours..
Perhaps he's had his phone confiscated by his boss because he was meant to have been working? :) :) :)


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He says he's on the Iran mission, but he can't tell me the name of the ship he is on, or call me from there because he says they aren't allowed to do that.
Thats not Masculine - just realistic.
There are two main options
1. He can not get in touch for what ever reason
2. He does not WANT to get in touch for whatever reason.

The rest is supposition until such times as you can pin him down and get a none waffle answer out of him. Top tip - knowing what ship he is on is a good place to start when trying to weed out the bull s**t from the truth......


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So bottom line is he says that are not allowed to make phone calls or take pictures during a mission. I really love him and I don't want to be duped.

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