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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by type42stoker, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. I seem to have vague memories of being on a type 42 that carried out weapons firings off the coast of North Wales, and being shipped ashore in liberty boats to this small village, where I can only describe the local pub as being akin to the "Slaughtered Lamb" from American Werewolf. We were stared at all evening by the locals as though we all had two heads. I am desperately trying to remember the name of the place, can anyone help me remember the name of the range/place?


  2. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Only weapons range off Druidland that I've ever been to is Aberporth
  3. Thanks SF, that's the one! It's been driving me bloody mad all day. :thumright:
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  5. Had dealings with this incident at the MoD. There was an immediate RN presence at the crash site (they pulled 3 frigates of the Derry Squadron (17FS) out of a visit to Belfast to assist), but only landed wreckage and human remains. There was a comprehensive review of all RAF flights, missile firings, but as stated, the range was closed that weekend. There were attempts to make something of the missing RN ships logs, but as 2 of the vessels were Type 14 frigates, armed with 2 single Bofors (deadly to aircraft at high altitude), nothing really could be laid at our door, but the saga went on for months. Probably a very unfortunate material failure in a very sensitive area, blown out of all proportions by a rather hysterical press at the time.
  6. Moby Dick land :rambo:
  7. League of Gentlemanland... I'm amazed you got out Type42. :lol:
  8. Don't think you were being stared at, there have been a million matlots through there and they must have been used to them by the time you paid a visit.
  9. May be they were simply looking for their dads?
  10. Feck guys remember spending weeks at Aberporth on BRISTOL lots of expensive missiles lots of failures and a big fire in Milford Haven those were the days not even going to mention IKARA dive deep boys
  11. [/quote]

    Don't think you were being stared at, there have been a million matelots through there and they must have been used to them by the time you paid a visit.[/quote]

    Well I suspect it was the small village mentality kicking in. Either that or they were amazed to see bi-pedal lifeforms in their "village"..... :lol:
  12. The British Military they probably remember the time Churchill sent in the army with fixed bayonets to route the welsh coal miners at the Tonypandy Riot told around the home fires for long long times.

    Of course like other tales it never happened but Uncle Blodwyn was there and he told our cousin from the Rhonnda who told our kid from Cardiff who told our? so it must be true.
  13. Chief Stoker on Fife mangled the watch bill to allow offwatch stokers a day ashore in tents overlooking the bay as the routine of sat on the range for 2 weeks and only firing one slug was I was lucky enough to get a stint on the MFV supply/shore boat as mentioned in a previous thread.

    .Skipper on the Fife with a triple barreled name was only 5' Aberporth for missile firings I was stoker on the MFV supply boat, we came alongside on a very heavy swell and I had come to the top of the hatch of engine space for a tab....MFV was rising and falling some 10 feet , most managed to board with some difficulty, the skipper, being so short misjudged it and had one foot on Fife's QD and one on the MFV on its downward stroke and was catapulted onto the MFV deck where a Chief Tiff broke his fall...without batting an eyelid said Chief retorted '' Fcuking good shot Sir''
  14. Post RN when I worked for BAE Dynamics I visited Aberporth that they remembered when a Sea Slug went astray and hit a hurd of cows.
  15. Wonderful - I like it.

    Great stuff - when I joined RR I expected to see lots of dits like that...alas they are few and far between.
  16. Aberporth longest leave I ever had in the RN
    I was on the Antrim doing the first Exocet firings, (the missile went off but the box lid never opened) back to Guzz
    Next trip in Aberporth, night leave spent drinking and playing darts all evening,first day, next day duty.
    During the night whilst I was LRO OTW, one of my ratings dashed out of the office, sick hooky, when he came back I read the riot act to him, then ten minutes later I was called to the Chaplains office

    The sick RO had taken the signal that my sister had died, and sought help
    to break it to me gently (unexpected death)

    The Capt gave me instant compasionate leave, and I was flown off into Milford Haven, changed into civvies and taxi to Fishguard to catch the Irish Boat train to smoke then onward to Newcastle

    Had the funeral and had to be back in seven days to pick Antrim up from Milford Haven
    I arrived back in good time using the Sleeper train, but no boat to pick me up and take me out to Antrim, went to the police and they knew nothing

    I phoned an RO who I knew in Whitehall, and he advised me Antrim was in Plymouth for three days
    I got a travel warrant off the police to go to Guzz, but no train till next morning,
    I had no money left, visited the Sally Ann that was full with vagrants but the duty officer let me sleep in a chair in his office all night, and free breakfast in the morning
    Train back to Guzz, arrived in time to see Antrim sailing out of Guzz, reported to crushers

    (I had gone on leave for a funeral in Newcastle but I had given my home address on my leave pass, Antrim had had another failed firing, so telegrammed me at my home address to report to Guzz NOT Milford Haven. not being there I never received it thus my travels)

    The crushers gave me a night in Drake barracks a warrant to Milford Haven for next day and an advance on my pay
    Off I went, and arrived at Milford next evening, no liberty boat, see police nothing known, phoned Guzz crushers, err she has gone back to Guzz mate
    I then visited the Flying Angel club for merchant seamen, who gave me a full steak egg and chips dinner, looked after me splendily, and a bed for the night, phoned the crusher in Guzz, Police warrant back to Guzz

    Repeat, and repeat again, Until after 21 days I caught up with Antrim
    (I was going to say caught the boat, but thought better not to)

    I was not brought to the table, and nothing was said other than the Joss saying they had sent a telegram to my home address stating new joining instructions, which he appreciated I had not received,
    Due to the event and all the travel it was not the best leave I have had but it was the longest (a bit like my rabbiting on post)

    So I well remember Aberporth, the pub and the darts

    Jack McHammocklashing

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