Can anyone put a caption to this:

FistFullOfNails said:
"You can have my credit card for the week...Now can we please try ****?"
Hei guys/gays,I am as you notice a newbee,just have to have my two penath and say this is the sort of humor i have missed since i left the mob,absolutely brill and i look forwards to getting to grips with this fantastic website which i found by accident,two six heave two six heave ,cheers( ex pogi )
Montigny_La_Palisse said:
NotmeChief said:
Look bitch, I'm shiters and have no idea where the ship is. Therefore take my cash, give us a nosh and let me kip in your skanking shack in the Favella until I can stand.
"...Norweigan girls might be of a higher quality, but you dont't 'arf charge a lot of Kroner..."
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