Can anyone put a caption to this:

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by NotmeChief, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. "You've got a neck"

    "No I haven't"
  2. "A beleagured MP tries to make reparations to one of his constituents"
  3. "I'm a broken man"
  4. Ancient Britons in Wiltshire develop their artistic skills, though remain concerned about the arrival of bluegrass.
  5. Upskirt peek technique no. 256(b): The "you dropped this.."
  6. Pessary fitted....Heres the change!
  7. ["NotmeChief"][​IMG]

    It appears as if XRD's left a tip..Taloolah!
  8. Heres your money back...I'm not that bored!
  9. I like that one, but especially like this one :-

    Those angles hadn't occured to me, I thought it was the angry/demanding wife.
  10. It seems very familiar to me... ;)
  11. "You can have my credit card for the week...Now can we please try ****?"
  12. Hei guys/gays,I am as you notice a newbee,just have to have my two penath and say this is the sort of humor i have missed since i left the mob,absolutely brill and i look forwards to getting to grips with this fantastic website which i found by accident,two six heave two six heave ,cheers( ex pogi )
  13. Have you buggers not lived? It's the international sign for a registry office licenced to conduct weddings. If only the one in Stockport had this sign in 1977!
  14. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer


    "Any chance of a blow job?"
  15. Yeah, I know I've got to pay you for it but where's your swipe machine?
  16. "...the website said it wouldnt appear on my credit card statement..."
  17. Look bitch, I'm shiters and have no idea where the ship is. Therefore take my cash, give us a nosh and let me kip in your skanking shack in the Favella until I can stand.
  18. " If you don't shut up, I will slice your feet off with this card!!"
  19. "...Norweigan girls might be of a higher quality, but you dont't 'arf charge a lot of Kroner..."

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