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Can anyone name the..............................


War Hero
........................bars down the gut in Malta, starting at the bottom with the England bar was it?
Ben Marls eatery at the top (almost) Galvanised Donkey, with Bobby on the piano etc


If this was in the 50s, Tiny the copper at the top of the Gut was called Gomez. I remember it because it was on my Patrol Report.


War Hero
We were in St Angelo standing by Troubridge in refit in 1963 then went across to Hal Far about Feb 1964. I remember when we couldn't get a boat from Custom house steps not even a daighso we used to stay in a dosh house on the front for about 1/6 for the night.
Bottle of Marsavin or Marsala for 2/6 pay week or when the Yanks were in but 1/6 normal weeks.


I am not 100% certain but think the Egyptian Queen was one and Red White & Blue near the top end, the latter had a rather interesting dice game on the agenda the person who threw the 7th nominated symbol chose one of the many concoctions adorning the wall, the person who threw the 14th paid for it and the lucky 21st had to down in one or the forfeit was pay for the same all round.
Had a Holiday in Malta last Year and made a nostalgic visit to the renowned Strait street, Very sad to see the decline of such a well known part of Naval history


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Have they still got that dodgy lift there (Braker lift?) that took you up to Valetta?? Or am I talking out of my arse??


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No they pulled down Barrakka lift years ago we went to Malta in 92 on holiday and there was nothing down the Gut no bars etc and the lift had gone. remember it was a penny halfpenny to go up in the lift, we got there one afternoon and it had stopped about 3/4 of the way up it was full of Yanks one decided he couldn't be arsed to wait so got the lift boy to open the gate and he shined up the metal work to the top.
Braver man than me gunga din!!


War Hero
Ooh memories (or lack of them!!) never did get out of the Gut` sober. Woke up one morning (came to more like) wondering why all my clothes were wet and was told by my oppos that half way across G H I had told the daighso man I could walk from here, did not have me Jesus boots on and we were alongside in St Angelo creek.
Red Star bar was one, opposite St Angelo we used to stop & have an egg banjo & pint of milk (I was a Tiffy Apprentice after all ) at The Dreadnaught bar ran by Tony I think in the mid 70's. We used to read the daily English paper in the little Garden at the top of the Barrakka? lift. We were there for an AMP & around the area for about 5-6 months. The big open air Cafe at the top of the Gut on the Main street was Cafe Premier.
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