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I have been asked if we can assist a former Royal Engineer, he completed nearly ten years’ service as a Diver. On leaving the forces he completed his MIST, BOISET at Warsash Maritime Academy in Southampton and is fully focused in working in the offshore industry. Ideally he would like to train as a Diver but unfortunately fell just short of securing a scholarship with Northern Offshore. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I will be most grateful.

If we are unable to assist him, he is more than prepared to complete the Approved Combined Rigger, Banksman & Slinger qualification which should secure him employment and can then be better placed to gain experience and knowledge in the field.

Any help or information please contact me on 0845 308 2406 or email [email protected]
Aberdeen council used to produce a 'yellow pages' style directory for offshore work. Don't know if they still do but worth a stab!

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