Can anyone help with these terms?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by RoverDen, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. Hi,
    Could someone help me please in defining the duties of the following personnel. I have looked around the internet but a lot of it refers to the US Navy and am not sure if the exact same applies to the Royal Navy. Just a brief overview of each term will suffice! I have ideas on what the duties include and assume they are not all too different from the US Navy but I want to be sure! The terms are:

    Duty Officer
    Duty Senior Rate
    Boatswain's Mate

    Thank you!
  2. I would have thought the first 2 were self-explanatory, or is that just me
  3. Duty officer OOW or OOD
    Duty senior rate P/O of watch duty s/r of the branch elec stoker etc
    Quartermaster in charge of the gangway and ships security more so in the night watches.Boatswains mate the QMs oppo helper whatever you want to call him

    botswains mate

    boatswins mate
  4. The boatswains mate is the most important one as he runs the ship alongside.
    if the duty Officer has a problem he asks the duty Senior rate. If he cannot handle the problem he will ask the Quartermaster.
    The quartermaster will then consult with the boatswains mate. Often the font of all knowledge, Maritime, Sexual, Legal etc.
    Problem solved.
    could be the other way around I've been out a while. :wink:
  5. I think thats just about right.when i used to be boatswains mate it was me who did all the running all the shakes all the coffee making .Also forgot in the wheelhouse turn on wheel telegraphs shake oncoming oow
  6. The most important person is the duty greenie,no electricity no work,standing by for incoming grief!!!!
  7. Sorry, Duty Stoker DG, (or GTG) , no 'trickity'..... :D

    Standing by to stand by..... 8)
  8. havent got a clue what any of these terms mean - as a WAFU, a FIXED WING WAFU the meant nothing to us.

    only acronymn to remember is PARTIAL T.A.G
  9. Quite right. "Duty's "isn't that what the general service are for? Oh and AED!!!
  10. havent got a clue what any of these terms mean - as a WAFU, a FIXED WING WAFU the meant nothing to us

    How about "anorack",ring any bells with you WAFU chappies, 8)
  11. Fixed Wing Wafu, special rate senior to Rotary Wing Wafus!!!
  12. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    As in "really short school bus" type of special I assume :)
  13. Nope!!! :lol: :lol:

    WAFU's right waste of space, UNTIL - Get the mail, load lift banyan kit ashore for piss up, take fisheads ashore on compasionate, blah blah blah.

    Wouldn't swop my anorak for a paint brush thats for sure. :lol: :lol:
  14. oh no - i spent a very happy tour chipping paint of the stbd aft catwalk - now i know why ratings go we or me or anything else but beloved wafu.

    ps - ditched the catwalk log over the side after one afternoon- sorry nick "the comb" woods
  15. Everyone knows the WE Roundsman is the most important member of the duty watch, who else will bring DVD's to the gangway for the QM and BM to watch? Who else will order the takeaways? Who else will make sure that little green LED in the computer room hasn't turned off? Who else will fall asleep in the mess and forget to shake the next watch?
  16. Yeh its a fact of life that if you join as a Sailor/Seaman then your going to at some point in your Junior career have a paint brush or chipping hammer in your hands for most of the day,BUT when one progresses to the dizzy heights of Armourer then you can almost put the thoughts of chipping and painting well behind you except of course when the ferkin bofors or oerliken want a coat of pussers grey, :lol:

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