Can anyone help please?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by darren041, Oct 24, 2008.

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  1. I've had my interview to get in to the Navy and they asked me about rope swinging within basic training. I didn't get through my interview but really don't know what this is or how I find out about it as I am determined to get in and will carry on until I do? Can anyone help please with any information about rope swinging? I'm sure I will be asked again when I next take my interview in February and cannot find this subject on the internet.

    Thank you in advance

  2. Even if 'rope swinging' does exist would be a help. I believe it's the different knots used. Is this correct?
  3. Aint it on the assult course were you swing LOL.
  4. Class! Hopefully you will never need a helping hand.

    You spell were 'where' LOL. I may be new and trying to find out by asking guys that hopefully will be in the know, but at least not lysdexic :w00t:
    I'd even help you are;

    I'm asking for a little bit of help, can someone please advise me as you must have all joined in the first place and needed a bit of information?
    I really would like to know if it is something to do with all the knots that you do and where I could find out this information.
  5. Search for an RR member username 'FrayedKnot' he's into ropework, knots etc and has links to sites for those interested. Or google Knots ropework etc.
    I'm sure you don't need to worry too much about knots, you'll be doing some hitches and bends and that's it. Go to your local Library and ask they should have books on Knots etc if not specific sailing then rock climbing ones will do.
  6. I can see no reason as to why you have been unsuccessful for not knowing about "rope swinging" as it is not a requirement for you to be eligible/qualify for entry into the navy. Perhaps (just perhaps) there were other parts of the interview that you didn't do so well in. If this is the case, then the Careers Adviser (CA) should have told you. Maybe he did, but you didn't pick up on some of the other shortcomings that he/she wanted you to address. Give the AFCO a ring (it will show that you are keen) and speak to the CA that conducted the interview and find out if there are any other areas that you need to address, and if so ask for suggestions as to how you should approach this.

    :w00t: :whew:
  7. I admire your determination darren but am somewhat perplexed as to why you didn't ask the AFCO what they meant by 'rope-swinging'.

    I don't believe a knowledge of rope work is required criteria for joining the RN.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'm completely perplexed by the question which appears to be a bit out of context.

    As stated above, you will have been fully debriefed on what areas you need to address and how long you must wait before re-applying.

    It may well be the case that you knew too little about phase one training and beyond in general terms, however it's highly unlikely that you were knocked back for not knowing the answer to one specific single question.

    As indicated - contact your AFCO for clarification, there is undoubtedly something you may have missed in the disappointment of not being accepted the first time around. Rest assured many people come back, having done a little homework on what the the training and the job involves- only to discover that they want to do a different job within the service as they hadn't realised what their initial first Branch of Preference was all about.

    Good luck- don't give up at the first hurdle.
  9. Just as long as it wasn't a reference to 'swinging the lead'. If you really want it, go for it again.
  10. I don't think you'd of been declined purely based on not knowing what Rope Swinging is, im pretty sure a lot of people wouldn't know that. Are you sure there is nothing else that may of contributed towards you failing?

    Like, for example, do you look like the guy in your Avatar? Is that you?
  11. Ive heard of Lamp Swinging but knot rope swinging.
  12. Thank you guys for your advice and answers. I know that is not why I didn't get in and I will eventually get in as my determination is second to none. I feel that most times you won't get in first time as they want to see if you are really bothered about joining and keep going back until you do get in. I went back in after as I thought the question was about rope slinging and he told me it was rope swinging and its the different knots used. One reason I failed was I took too much time on the maths test but know to go a little quicker next time :thumright:

    It's just that I think if he asked me a question so vague as rope swinging he probably expects me to find out about it and will ask me next time to see if I was bothered to find out. Everything else I've learnt or will learn and this forum is a great insight in to a lot I need to know.

    Many thanks guys and appreciate your time as to post your replies.

  13. I believe it's Carlos Tevez :evil4:
  14. In my first post, I've explained that I didn't get through my interview. The reason had nothing or little to do with the question on rope swinging. It's just this was a question to which I thought I would ask as I can't find anything about as nothing comes up on the internet. Again, I feel they may ask me about it again in February as it is a little obscure. They've told me I have to wait for 4 months and debriefed me. I'll try again and if I fail again, will try again and again. I will get in!

    Thank you again guys
  15. I went back in again to specifically ask him what was meant. He told me that I could find it on the internet, which I can't!

    Time to go and ask him again!!

    Many thanks!!!
  16. Maybe he is stuck on Tomb Raider and thought you were the guy to help?

    That's a joke btw.
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Darren, from the above comment, you infer you did not pass the Recruiting Test - if that's the case then it's extremely unlikely to have undergone your formal Selection Interview.

    If you failed the recruiting test it's usually 12 months before you may retake the test.

    In exceptional circumstances, and we mean exceptional, a "near miss" maybe invited to retake after 6 months if they are in full time education & can provide written proof they have undergone further study & the area manager gives approval.

    Not heard of a 4 months element, unless 8 (or 2) months have already elapsed since you took the test.
  18. i am a little confused?
    from what i have read,
    it seems like you failed because you fail the maths section of your initial aptitude test? and the whole "rope swinging" thing was just a minor thing, not something you could fail your initial interview/test for...?
  19. He failed 'cos he's as daft as a brush with Down's tendancies.
    Swinging the rope = swinging the lead?

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