Can anyone give me the jack speak for the different branches and trades please

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Hooly, Dec 7, 2015.

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  1. I know stoker is an ME
  2. Electrical branch is a Greenie
    FAA mechanical branch is a Grubber
    FAA armourer is a Bombhead.
    Educational Branch are Schoolies
    Seamen are Fisheads.
    Any FAA member is a WAFU
    Stewards are Plate lifters
    Chefs have been known as Cabbage Mechanics
    Lots more with many having more than one nickname
  3. Ta good start
  4. Stewards... Pillow Fluffers, Nigel Maintainers. Hoover operator.
    Chef. Slop Jockey,
    Sonar Operators ( or their metric modern equivalent) was a TAS Ape
    Stokers are now Bin Men
    Medics ...Scab Lifters
    Environmental Health were Drain Sniffers.
    PTI...Muscle Bosuns or Gym Mistress (Both apply to male and female)
    Regulators... Crusher, Alsation, Sweeny.
  5. Stoker is also Purple Empire , back in the day Officers had colour between their rank rings , hence electrical branch named greenies . Only medical, red , and fang farriers (dentist) have colour nowadays.
  6. Cool keep it coming learning loads
  7. The late submariner/folk singer Cyril Tawney referred to seaman and stokers as:
    "the dabtoes for'ard and the dustmen aft".
  8. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    Instructor Branch/ Training Manager Officer: Science Tap, Chalk Bosun, Schoolie.
  9. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    Aircraft Handler: Chockhead.
  10. EW Branch - gollies
  11. Stores Accounts/Supply Chain - jack dusties
    Chinese Laundryman - Chogi
  12. Writers.......Scribblers
  13. Radio Electricians known as 'Pinkies'.
    Chaplain also called 'Sky Pilot'.
  14. Other than branches/trades...
    Floor = deck
    Ceiling = deckhead
    Wall = bulkhead
    Stokers mess = bear pit
    Engine room/gas turbine/diesel space = hell (fookin hot , specially tropics)
    Babies heads = individual steak and kidley pies
    Pot mess = action messing ..action stations scran , usually thick meat and veg soup.
    Submariner branch has loads more re- food names.
  15. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    Mine Warfare - Muppets
  16. Scribes, surely.
    Royal Marines..bootnecks
    RAF..crabs (whatever rank or trade, they're just crabs).
    Stewards.. crumb brush, flunkey, plate layer (amongst others) police (amongst others)
  17. Cheers lads at this rate I'll have a learned to speak jack before I even get an ID card
  18. FAA Radio/Radar = Pinkies

    FAA Radio/Radar/Electrical = Still pinkies who have sold their soul.

    FAA Radio/Radar/Electrical/Weapons = Pinkies who have sold their soul and are now busier than the Grubbers :(
  19. Or you could buy one of these

  20. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    It would save time........

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