Can anyone confirm this story?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tommo, Nov 1, 2008.

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  1. I was looking at groups in on Facebook (the well known social website)

    When I came across this group

    "Stop the government from banning our war veterans parades"

    Basic Info
    Organisations - Community Organisations
    The government and local councils are banning more and more rememberance day parades on november 11th. These brave souls gave their young lives so that we could enjoy the freedom that we have today. Please join to show your appreciation.
    support the Royal British Legion

    Recent News:

    Doncaster along with other towns and cities will not be holding a rememberance day parade this year in accordance with "elf and safety" Our brave veterans will not be allowed to pay their respects to their dead comrades. Its only a matter of time before it happens in your town. If your dad or grandad fought in a war then join in and give your views. Join anyway and give your support. Thanks

    Can anyone here from that end of the world or in the know tell me if this is true?

    I've only found one article back in August 2008 about Doncaster Banning a seperate Vets Parade which isn't to due with Rememberance Service
  2. A town in South Wales/West country (sorry not sure which one) was not allowing a remembrance day parade this year due to the cost and risks of H+S, but they backed down after the public backlash (as you would hope). This happened last week, perhaps some research could dig out the name....
  3. I seem to remember something (not sure how long ago or where I saw it) about some places not allowing the Remembrance Parades, (and I think St Georges Day Parades) because of 'elf and safety' and the cost of public liability insurance. The RBL would be asked to pay out goodness knows how much in insurance fees for this, and it would make it prohibitive.
    As I say can't remember whether it was national I saw it, or in one of our local papers.
  4. Oh bollocks to the civvy bastards!! Just march anyway and see what the Police care to make of it; nothing I suggest.
  5. COST!! H&S!! FFS, the next time the UK needs its Armed Forces to carry out duties such as disaster relief etc and the Councils* come a calling for help, they should be informed that before any assistance can be rendered a through H&S survey will have to be undertaken.
    In the mean time the Borough Clerk and the Chair of the Works Committee should get off their fat arsches and do the necessary ie some work.

    * I know it would be orders from National Government but this attitude of ignoring past and present sacrifice grips my shite. :threaten:
  6. What danger to the public will these people cause, other than a kick *********** of those who didn't fight and die for their country in its hour of need, or are trying to ignore anything that happened prior to Blair's coronation ? I doubt very much if the Old Bill would be interested in arresting anyone during the " 2 Minutes Silence", or after . PC gone insane, not barking. Hopefully, the older generation will remember this crap next council elections, and show the pillocks the door.
  7. Must admit I've not heard anything about all this and would think, and hope, that it's just media mischief. Living where I do, the idea of no Remembrance Services is unthinkable so I suppose I'm sheltered from the oddities of 'up country'.

    I was in Looe last Remembrance Sunday and there was some tosser in the traffic held up for the Silence revving his lorry. The plod fortunately saw a few of us old 'unaffiliateds' start to bristle and advised the erk that he might be wearing his accelerator internally if he didn't pack it in.

    Jenwren - St George's Day parades? Do they happen? I've never seen one.
  8. Jenwren - St George's Day parades? Do they happen? I've never seen one.[/[/b]quote]
    Oh yes!! anyone who has been in the Scouts or the Guides will have done their fair share of parading!!! Being a Guide and then a Ranger before a Wren, well, I feel I served my country well on the 'square bashing' side of things!! I can even remember (oh what am I letting myself in for now!) being allowed to wear my Guide uniform at school on St George's Day - and very proud of it I was as well.We also attended the Remembrance Day parades. Mum and Dad used to come into Knaresborough to collect me after, along with a nice warm coat and gloves, used to wear a jumper under my guide shirt, but the cenotaph in K'borough is in the Castle Yard (castle ruins) and very exposed to the elements. Bit like the parade ground at Dauntless ( I was there in November 1966 - brrrrrrrrr)
  9. I googled "Doncaster Remembrance Parade" and found a Daily Wail article which referred to a Veterans' parade in June. It specifically stated that the police would provide the appropriate cover for Remembrance Sunday and St. George's Day.
    Doesn't seem to be a problem.

  10. I do not have time to trace the source

    This years parade at the Cenotaph in London is much reduced
    (Due to road works and unable to pass the vet marchers through)

    Many local small towns will not have a parade
    (due to costs of policing for Elf and safety. The insurance is too high and you must have insurance to do a parade on the roads)

    So they are not actually banned, just have had obstacles put in the way for ordinary sujects, with little access to cash To actually parade, in the hope they will go away forever I expect

    Last year in Glenrothes FIFE the local Councilor banned the BL from lowering their standards and banned the standard bearers From parading

    He later apologised when he was confronted, but the deed had already been done (He apologised as feeling was so high he was about to lose his seat on the council and the monies that goes with it)

    Jack McH
  11. No problems at Dundee
    they are having the normal vets parade and march past followed by a service in the town .
    Usually a good turn out --hope the weather is Ok.

    Jock McH if you really fancy a RN rememberance Service come to Dundee
    on the Sunday The Frigate UNICORN does an onboard service and wreath laying .RN and RNR and the Merch Navy etc.
    Kick off 1500 medals to be worn rig uniform or suit or association blazer etc.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  12. Strikes me as a sensible move.

    I get the impression this is another 'us traditional Brits are so hard done by' type topic along the lines of the ''they' won't let us celebrate St George's day' brigade.
  13. No actually Guzzler this is a Topic about "Is this rumour true about Rememberance Parades being banned" I never wrote anything about St Georges Day why would I? I'm welsh lol
  14. Thanks for the invite and heads up
    Though the way things are going here Glenrothes every "body" counts or they will have won, so I have to attend

    Regards Jack McH
  15. I realise that tommo (the topic, not your nationality) but it was a general comment about what appears to be the desire to be perceived as downtrodden which I feel is prevalent, admittedly more by us English than those of you in the principality and north of the border.

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