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Hi everybody,

This is my first post so please let me know if I need to make any alterations for any reason. I am applying as an observer officer in the fleet air arm, but I am having delays over my medical history. In June 2011 I had a BENIGN (Cannot emphasize this enough) growth removed from my nasal cavity. Since the operation I have had MRI scans every 6 months and check-ups (And a manual inspection) with an ENT specialist at the same intervals. When I first applied I was told that since there are absolutely no ongoing problems with me now, and my medical examination was perfect, there should be no problem scheduling these scans for when I was on leave. However, they soon changed their minds, so following my last scan and inspection, which was last thursday, I was fully medically discharged. The ENT specialist did not deem there to be any ill effect to my health whatsoever after 2 and a half years of regular inspection. So following full medical discharge and passing the navy medical, I am now being told that all of this information needs to be assembled and sent to Capita for them to do their own review, and there is a possibility of another medical. This doesn't bother me, as I know I will pass. What bothers me is the possibility that this application will continue to be dragged out and after investing a considerable amount of my time and energy into the navy already, for them to just tell me that I can't join. I applied in early June and I don't feel as if I have gotten very far at all.

So my question is basically this, for anybody knowlegeable about the Navy's medical habits, is it likely that I will be given the all clear? Or is my medical history going to blight my entry? And is there any possibility of a time frame? Because at the moment I am just waiting, and if they are unlikely to let me join, I could start looking at realistic, alternate career paths to take. The Navy is my number one goal, and I don't want to be doing anything else, but I would like to know if thats a possibility. So any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou for your time.


Sounds a bit suss this one.

If the condition was as benign as you say, I cannot for the life of me work out why ENT would bother with such close follow up with advanced imaging at each stage. Unless it was done privately, of course, in which case your surgeon could have simply been raping BUPA etc.

I suspect that is the info we will need - why such close follow up of an allegedly benign condition.

Hard to give you chances of passing - depends on what your notes say.


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Thanks for the replies,

My specialist had said that the follow ups were because it is quite a rare location for the condition, he has only ever heard of 9-10 cases of the same thing. It is NHS, so there would be no reason for them to drag it out. I have had no, and have very little chance of, any ill health effects since the operation, and my notes should reflect this. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have been fully discharged or even considered by Capita after they reviewed all of my paperwork.
Hi angry doc
About 7 years ago I fractured my knee it was operated on using wire. I have had no problem since and have been playing rugby and other sports for 7 years after it. I can move it as normal and have had no problems in the 7 years. I recently had my medical and was referred to an orthapedic. Will there be any issues?

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