Can any one tell me when the First British Submarine through the Suez canal was?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by w6okey, Apr 14, 2014.

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  1. Family history states that my great Grandfather Paymaster Lieutenant Commander A C Hemsley R N
    was on the first British Submarine to pass through the Suez canal. He entered service 15th July 1909 and retired December 1920.
    When, and what was the first British sub to pass through the Suez, also in which direction.
    Many thanks.
  2. If no-one comes up with the answer here try asking the same question here:-
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  3. 3 C Class (HMS C36, C37 and C38. ) went to the Far East in Feb. 1911. Can find no earlier ref.
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  4. Log of HMS Thistle:

    4 March 1914
    Hong Kong.
    Lat 22.3, Long 114.2
    7.30am: KASAKI arrived flying VA flag. (Actually the Japanese cruiser Kasagi, vide log of HMS Yarmouth. I have used the spelling Kasagi from here on.)
    8.10am: TIGER proceeded. (A German river gunboat, vide log of HMS Yarmouth.)
    8.40am: USS WILMINGTON proceeded.
    9.0am: C36 (RN submarine) proceeded.
    9.25am: C37 proceeded.
    9.30am: Ship paid off and re-commissioned.
    11.59am: Kasagi saluted C-in-C, 15 guns.
    4.15pm: Kasagi saluted HE the Governor, 17 guns.

    4caf8b84cadfd341970319cf: ( 53-62865/ADM 53-62865-005_1.jpg)
  5. In 1911 he was in service on HMS Diana, I have a photo of him and his fellow officers taking Kitchener to Egypt in June 1911 1911 lord Kitchener on HMS Diana 001.jpg
  6. Hi yes,
    I have alot of info on him, and now I am trying to verify some of the passed down family history.
    He led a fascinating life, in the Navy he seemed to follow Commodor Hall around. His ships where 1910 Bellerophon 1911 Diana, 1913 Roxburgh, 1915 Dolphin, 1919 Office of 4th Sea Lord, 1919 Hawkins, 1920 President (N.I.A.C.C). He the became Vice Consul in Frankfurt, later Stettin and Philidelphea.
  7. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Kenneth Michell left an account with his family of his naval service which included, as a Lt, taking out of the C boats out to HK under tow. In the Red Sea the tow parted and Michell had to grub about on the sloping foredeck with the sea washing over and the sharks watching to get connected again. His son-in-law (ret Captain) lent me the book a while back but as only a few copies were printed, privately, that's that.

    I rather doubt that a 2 1/2 pusser would have been 'in' the tiny boat but 'with' (in one of a succession of towing ships) sounds more likely.
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    My thoughts exactly Seaweed, He was in Diana at the time and I suspect that the "in company with" has been lost over time.
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  9. Hi Yes I agree "in company with" has probably been lost in time.
    Many thanks for all the comments.
  10. [​IMG]Diana was with them until Port Said and so he definatly escorted the that far.
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