Can any one help

David B

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I am at present trying to trace any information regarding my wife's Great Grandfather for the Family Tree and have uncovered the following Medal Clasps and badges and was wondering if any one can give any information about them .

We believe he served in the Navy sometime around the later part of the 19th Century ,

Any information would be greatly appreciated and thank you for looking ,
Navy Badges copy.jpg


War Hero
Second World War Medals, Cap(?) badge from 52 onwards (as Ninja says, Queens crown). Could have served during and after WW2 - stayed in, career matelot?
Anchor looks strange though - multi coloured!!


I'm afraid the medals are Italy, Burma, Africa and Atlantic Stars respectively, and are all WW2. The rosette on the Burma Star signifies the subsequent award of the Pacific Star, and the rosette on the Atlantic Star signifies the wearer most likely in this case qualified for the France and Germany Star.
Whoever's medals these were served afloat in the Battle of the Atlantic, off the coast of Northern Europe after D Day, Africa between June 40 and May 43 (which included most of the Med to Malta and Suez), Italy after June 43, as well as getting himself across to the Pacific and right up into Sumatra. Impressive stuff.
And all (judging by no 39-45 Star) after entering service later than about November 44.

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