Can any one help identify this photograph

Discussion in 'History' started by skiduck, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. Hi,
    we have 2 photographes of Sir Winston Curchill boarding the HMS Victorious, one with Sir Stafford Cripps. I'm just wondering if anyone can identify anyone else in the photograph?

    I believe there is possibly Rear Admiral Lumley Lyster and Captain Bovell there but not sure who is who or who anyone else is.
    I believe it was taken in 1941 but don't know where they boarding the Victorious at.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Suggest 15 October 1942. Scapa Flow.
  3. thanks, will look into that - how did you come to that?
  4. October 11th 1942 PM MR Winston Churchill Lord Privy Seal, Sir Stafford Cripps Capt Bovell, Rear Admiral A L ST G Lyster Capt L.D. Mackintosh DSO DSC The PM was visiting the fleet at Scapa Flow
  5. thanks, is L D Mackintosh to the right of Sir Cripps?

  6. Skiduck

    Just a note to say that one would have addressed him as "Sir Stafford", not "Sir Cripps".
  7. apologies
  8. Believe he might be the one removing his glove???
  9. Scouse

    Agree - medal ribbons on uniform.

    Captain Bovell with hands behind his back?
  10. yep I spotted Cpt Bovell correctly hopefully - Rear Admiral Lyster just behind him. So who is standing next to Sir Stafford?
    and who is the army/marine behind?

    And the secret service officer?

    This is so very interesting.

    Thanks for all your help so far.
  11. also if I haven't asked before, who is next to WSC on the right as we look at it?
  12. yep medal ribbons,thats what swayed me. He joined the VIC on the afternoon on Wednesday 14 th October 42. But did not take over command from Capt Bovell , for some 5 weeks
  13. that explains the 2 captains on board then - I got confused with that
  14. That would be Marine 'Knocker' White, well known Boy Bugler and Kit Muster specialist of X turret on HMS Massive.
    Just behind him is Boy Sailor Victor 'Chico' Meldrew VC and Blue Peter badge, who turned to to be awarded the DCM (Don't Come Monday.)
    Would you like a comprehensive list of the entire crew, I'm sure I've got it somewhere along with the passenger list of the Titanic. :roll:

    Churchills bodyguard Inspector Walter Thompson. In tan trenchcoat and trilby hat on right of phot looking to right.
  15. you sir are in my debt.

    can you send me all you have, my grandad was Townley. Who took that photo.
  16. NZB - Please PM me a copy of the crew list too. I have a particular interest in AB Albert Biss D/JX 179376 who died of his wounds with two other members of the ship's company when Victorious was subjected to Kamikaze attack on 9 May 1945. It would be good to trace anyone who served with him or find their relatives.

    Incidentally, the passenger list of the Titanic is also available online here.
  17. Killed in the attack. Steward J. Landers. Able seaman A A Bliss, and J E Cann. Their were 20 wounded ,4 of them seriously , and one Corsair failed to return from the final strike. Which had flown off at 1542 ,with the loss of its pilot LT D Cameron of 1834 sqdn. ( Quote from my commmissioning book )
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Have to say, whilst not contributing anything constructive to the thread, I'm impressed by the amount of detail given regarding the initial photograph.
  19. Thanks Scouse. It's often surprising how much information is out there when you ask.

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